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5-MeO-DALT expiry date?


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Hey All,

Unfortunately the cycle is back. I started the d3 reg and busting with DALT back in Nov/2015. The past two and half years have been by far the least amount of attacks I have had. I usually get a cycle every year in the Fall and it will go into January. All thanks to this community I have been pain free (couple random attacks) for two and half years. Now the shadows are starting and I have had an attack almost every second day for the last three weeks. I am trying to taper off the zomaig and imitrex for 5 days so I can do my DALT. I will still be on my verapamil. I have not been able to taper off the verapamil and busted using DALT while on it. I think I have been taking verapamil for about 7 years straight. 

Anyways... My question..I purchased the DALT in Oct/2015 and stored it in my sock draw and kept it away from light. Does anyone know the shelf life of the DALT?





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I'd be a little surprised if anyone here has an answer to your DALT shelf life question.  Not a lot of DALT users here.  I'd suggest that you might get a quicker answer by sending a private message to dlnmerced, who is a member here but hasn't posted much lately.  If you click on the envelope icon, and start typing dln in the "To" box, I think it will autofill with the rest.

Alternatively, the Facebook group where DALT was most strongly popularized will probably have a fast and reliable answer for you. (It's a closed group, so if you're not a member you'll have to ask and then wait to be accepted. I think that's a fairly quick process.)  The group is called "Cluster headaches (trigeminal autonomic cephalagia)"

Hopefully I'm wrong and someone here can answer you.

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For all, the only way to know for sure is to test drive what you have. If you have prior experience you know what side effects to expect. If you get them its still good.
As with all tryptamines, 5-meo-dalt is best preserved in dry, dark and cool conditions. I have read that the shelf life in good conditions for the freebase form is 2 years. The salt (HCL) form is more stable and should last a good deal longer.
The last batch from China was manufactured 7/2015. Most of what vendors had after the China ban of 10/2015 came from this batch and is the salt form. i recently sampled mine from this vintage and it is still effective.
Feel free to message me with any question.


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