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After 16 months of chronic CH every single date 4-6 attacks a day bad ones I heard from clusterbustets and busted it the 8 months later every 50 days I thought I had it figured out and then I was gaviyheadaches fever horrible sweats dozed thinking it w.y

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After 16 months of chronic CH every single day, 4-6 attacks each day and busting approx every 45-50 days I though I had it figured out but No I got a horrible headache high fever 102/3 and drenching sweat. Found out I have Lyme disease. Now my schedule is messed up and I have headaches but not the attack kind day and night. Does anyone out there have both ch and Lyme. Now my headaches are having headaches!

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I live in the Northeast at ground Zero for Lyme. I have Lyme about every 2 years and am a CH for 30 years. It is no joke.

The symptoms you describe sound exactly like Babesiosis - more and more common with Lyme diagnosis.  I had it.   It came on very quickly - bad body aches and serious soaking sweats high fever and  headache ( not a cluster but bad) ,   It often resolves on its own after the symptoms dissipate but it is treatable and needs to be seen by a doctor who has the right chops ideally a infectious disease specialist.   It has clinical similarities to Malaria in that it is a parasite in the blood cells. If you want to know more or discuss reach out to me


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