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List the funky things you do to combat pain during CH


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On 3/12/2019 at 2:42 PM, xBoss said:

Hey guys,

After 20+ years of fun times with CH I have developed some pain mgmt tricks that help me cope with the immense pain. Thought I would share.


Burning hot showers to the neck.

Tapping or hitting nerves in the neck.

Contorting neck to the left (Left side pain) and laying on my face with tons of weight pressing into the bed or hardwood floors because they are nice and cool.

Yawning. you can get good at triggering yawns if you try, they stretch neck muscles nicely.

Running around the house cursing like a sailor and crying like a baby. (Lol)


How about you guys?




Lol I actually do all of the above lol.

I also, take walks around my neighborhood until the pain has subsided (sometimes I'll have made like 10 trips lol)

Wrap a scarf so tight around my head.

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