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According to the FDA there is a shortage (unavailability, really) of verapamil ER in the U.S.   The manufacturer stopped making it recently, I think in February 2019.  It looks like it is not available in any strength.

This has been a miracle drug for me for cluster and I've run out and am now having a bad time.  I'm going to have to try replacing it with regular verapamil.  Does anyone know if there is a way to ask FDA to get verapamil ER made by another company, maybe as an orphan drug?

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Generally, verap ER is considered to be less effective for CH than the immediate release type. I have looked for medical citations about that (I know I've seen one), but it is "common wisdom" here, often discussed.  So I'd urge you to give that a try.  Looking around the internet, it seems that there are online pharmacies selling verap er at increased prices because of the shortage: e.g., https://www.healthwarehouse.com/verapamil-240mg-er-capsules.html

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Thanks for the info.  I've checked with a couple of online pharmacies, one in particular - they show the product on their pages, but when I called they were all out.  (And if one did happen to have some, they wouldn't be able to get more after they run out.)

In the past I tried the quick release version.  In my case, ER worked better.  I guess I'll have to revisit the non-ER product.  

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