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Hi All,

I am an episodic CH sufferer for the past 24 years.

I am currently in season, well, going on 4 months now. Most of this season I went cold turkey without any meds and paid an ultimate price last week with some nasty attacks. Only then did I get my O2 sorted and went onto the usual meds for a week. My last 2 days were CH free as I wanted the cycle to end naturally.

I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced 'very similar' pain on the affected orbital area. It feels like a cluster only you know that it isn't cos there is no response to O2 and gets me only at night. It's not as deep as a CH. Once I wake up it subsides after 10 mins. 

I'm not sure what this is as I never had this before throughout the cycles. I have been for a few occipital nerve blocks earlier in the cycle as well. 

I apologise if I am not describing this properly. I really don't know how else to, since it resembles so much of a CH except I know it isn't one cos I even get some sort of relief if I apply heavy pressure to my eye yet the pain runs on the same vessel as my CH. Somewhat more of a burning pain than the 'drilling/boring' pain of a CH. 

Any help would be appreciated

Pain free wishes always


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