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So I came across some one that makes DMT cartridges to vape... that uses DMSO as a carrier fluid, he also claims it’s great for you (DMSO)  and sent me this link https://hebrewofyhwh.wordpress.com/chapter-9-health-and-healing-issues-for-the-man-of-yhwh/dmso-the-persecuted-drug-full-copy-of-the-book/

i have only read a fraction of it and will pick it up again when thisbkip 9 breaks.  When you look it up on the web, webMD and RXlist (not my favorite sites) say it has been used to treat headaches.  Nothing comes up when I search the site for DMSO... any thoughts? @BostonHeadacheDoc Ever heard of  or used DMSO to treat any kind of headache.  As a carrier for DMT it’s probably ok, however there is a small risk of a respiratory reaction. I would only use it to abort a kip 10 while in a busting schedule after oxygen has failed a few attempts (some times if I try O2 a second or third time I abort), when I couldn’t use a trex...

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I used DMSO many years ago, never for a headache. It was in every barn, veterinary clinic, sports supply store & in every athletic arena. During the years I associated with athletes who had trainers/coaches, worked for a veterinarian & in barns I only saw it used topically. I believe the NFL bought it in 55 gallon drums. It had a strong smell & extreme caution was used with it. We were told anything on our hands when we applied it & anything on the skin where it was applied entered the body with the DMSO.

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