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D3 injection

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Hi everyone, regarding to D3 regimen is it good to take 300k UI injection at once for a whole period of a cycle?

since my blood tests shows 47 ng/mg of d3, i'am really worried about taking high dosage of supplements and minerals for a long period.

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Hey Ali,

Great question and I understand your concerns.  For starters, the anti-inflammatory regimen is very safe.  With well over 2000 CHers taking it there have been no reports of adverse events requiring medical attention and no reports of vitamin D3 intoxication/toxicity since I started posting about the efficacy of the anti-inflammatory regimen in December of 2011.

Moreover, this regimen is so safe and so important for good health, I've had my entire family taking it for nearly 7 years and none of them have CH.  My daughter and niece took this regimen at 10,000 IU/day vitamin D3 through their pregnancies.  The net results are I have three grand babies who were bathed in maternal vitamin D3 since conception through breastfeeding.  Once done with breastfeeding, they get a vitamin D3 dose of 50 IU per pound of body weight per day.  These three kids have had a remarkable physical and neuromotor rate development.  All three are budding Einsteins with incredible intellectual development. More importantly, they all have T-Rex immune systems and don't get sick.

The oldest, Fred, a.k.a., Winefred was speaking fluent German (Hochdeutsch) at age 2 and she just completed kindergarten at a public school in Heidelburg, Germany.

You can download a copy of the anti-inflammatory regimen CH and MH preventative treatment protocol at the following VitaminDWiki link:


Regarding vitamin D3 injections, I don't have any first-hand data on the efficacy of this method of vitamin D3 application, but there was a study assessing the effectiveness of 300,000 IU vitamin D3 as an IM injection compared to 300,000 IU vitamin D3 taken orally.  The researchers found that both treatment regimens significantly increased vitamin D blood levels. Vitamin D status at 3 months was significantly higher in oral than in the injection group, with levels at 36 and 23.5 ng/ml respectively (p=0.03). At 6 months, levels were similar (20.8 and 24.8 ng/ml respectively).

Hope this helps.

Take care and please keep us posted as you start this regimen.  We gain important information in feedback reports from CHers like you.

V/R, Batch


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