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Disturbing my regular sleep schedule often stops my cycles is this common?


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Hey guys i wanted to share my two cents for you because it may help some! i know everyone is different but one year while dealing with a bad cycle i had a trip abroad (7hr time difference)i was only 3 weeks into my cycle and my headaches stopped as soon as i was in the new time zone. 

*i did have some shadows following days but the cycle just stopped!

it could be from high morale and good psychology of being abroad after 3 weeks of hell but scientifically the bodies clock is linked to CH so it would make sense to have a relationship with time

on my next cycle i will definitely experiment with skipping sleep etc...

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My CH cycles i usually get 1 a day always around 6 to 9 am ... the plane was 8 hrs the same day i did not get any attacks but nor did i sleep during the 8 hrs!

A study showed that ginger capsules can be as effective as sumatriptan i took one every 4 hours that day and I've been taking one capsule a day when im off cycle try it yourself and let me know if it works for you also!

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