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Hi Everyone, 

I have been in cycle since Dec 27th   and it’s a tough one!  I started prednisone at the beginning of cycle, which helped for a while. As I tapered off, the beast came back..hard. I can’t take anymore prednisone at this point due to issues if I use to long term. I’ve been on D3 regime which seems to have helped in the way of less hits throughout the day. But I am stillgetiing kip 10s every time I get hit. I had a stock pile of imitrex, which  has now been depleted. I lost my insurance on Jan 1st 2021 and that has been difficult.  So I find myself at a point of asking this question. Does  anyone have  any “extra” imitrex that they can help me out with?  I don’t know where else to  turn?     Please let me know.  I will get insurance again but not until the summer. Busting is something I would do but I in no way have the ability to get what I need to do so and have no way to even start down that road.   I do need imitrex to keep me from having to go to the ER to get help during a hit.   

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I'm sorry to hear what a tough time you're going through.

You didn't mention in your message anything about oxygen - do you use that as an abortive? The general consensus seems to be that oxygen should be the first line abortive, leaving Imitrex as a backup option. I believe there's plenty of evidence that using lots of Imitrex can worsen and lengthen cycles.

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I’ve used 02 in the past but if I wake up with a 10 often the 02 is of no help.  I am looking into welders 02 now.  Unfortunately I don’t have insurance to get regular 02 and my Dr. I did have was not a big prescriber of 02. For my imitrex injections do not really cause many issues or rebounds , I’ve been lucky in my use of imitrex/sumatriptans. 

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