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Oxygen in Utah


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Location map (lincare.com)      UTAH shops    

...although mixed reviews for Lincare in the CH community ... they are ubiquitous and it all depends on the shop mgr you encounter anyway, no matter the supplier....overall they served me well (especially the techs and drivers)...

.....even if you don't have insurance or ins balks....with a prescription in hand, from a headache specialist doc (or a PCP who is willing to learn/listen),..... sit down with the O2 shop manager with an offer to self pay. in some cases this is even cheaper than insurance. cheaper yet,  a fallback plan of welding O2....just don't tell 'em ya gonna breath it....

...if you will be travelling, Lincare has a "travel program" where you can arrange O2 at your destination...i successfully used this for OK, CA, NV, WA...

...dunno your history, but don't let anyone push a concentrator on you....



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