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better than usual but...


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hello everyone, i have not posted in a while.

i am an episodic cluster suffer and usually get a 6 month cycle every 3-4 years (i am 60) and have been getting them since i was 30 (i should note i am on the D3 regiment for years and i have upped the D3 over the last month).  my last cycle 4 years ago was probably the worst one ever and i tried everything from ketamine treatments, ocular nerve blocks, iv drips in the doctor's office and finally busting which i believe helped to break it (along with getting off immitrex and using redbull and oxygen more aggressively) after a long 6 months (and on average 2-3 a day that if not aborted last 3-4 hours).  I have heard the urban myth about aging out of them and thought i was done with the clusters  but they returned about 5 weeks ago but in a different way. Alcohol was always a good indicator that i was back in a cycle as i would be able to drink when not in and as soon as i was back in the alcohol would let me know.  this time i had a few drinks and almost 2 hours later the familiar pains came but they were only a 3 instead of the usual 10. i knocked it out with the oxygen and didn't touch any alcohol for another few weeks and surprisingly no clusters (usually when i get 1 the rest follow fast and furious) so i had a glass of wine ...same thing a few hours later the cluster (also a 3) and quickly dispatched with oxygen and once again yesterday.  its weird for me to only be alcohol sensitive and not get them at other times  ...i have busted 5x during the month and i am not sure if it has helped or whether i am in a different type of cycle. Needless to say i will be off alcohol for a few months now before trying again but wanted to know if anyone has any similar experiences or suggestions 

thank you and hope everyone has a pain free day 

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To me, it sounds like you are getting shadows from the booze. And just shadows! If it were me, I would think that the busts had worked, but my biggest trigger was still active. And to me, it sounds like your busts are keeping you out of hell right now, but another one or two may be needed to be able to drink. :) 

If it is the 'normal' time for your cycle, then upping your D3 is a very good idea. A bit of a buffer is great way to go!

Sorry that you got the 'news' on aging out, but happy that you are getting relief!!

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