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Psilocybin works

Lizzie Hall

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I am guilty of using this site for tips on the psilocybin prevention. And it has worked so far for me, I am headache free for TWO YEARS!!.   But when it started working i stopped coming here dailey, i am gonna change that.  

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For most people, mushrooms are not a cure. They are a treatment. We don't know as much about them for migraine as we do for cluster. There has not been a strain that has been identified to be better than others. Find one where you understand dosing and try following the busting protocol to see if it works. You can always adjust.

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Hi @Lizzie Hall I'm currently microdosing MM, and it's working like a charm on many levels, except the migraines. That's why I'm thinking about going all in, but it's hard to find others that tried this, too (a lot of stories about CH, but not migraines). So, I was very glad to read your post, and I would like to ask you about how you did it:

How much? How often? Did you have slapbacks? Did you take triptans before/after?

Every information I can get is highly appreciated <3

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