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Some fun after 3 month's of hell


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20 hours ago, Juss said:

Congratulations on being free from attacks. Take the opportunity to enjoy yourself first. Then, concern yourself with the particulars: You may go years without another episode. 

Others may be capable of advising you; respectfully, I shy away from that. 

Again, concern yourself with living life and then put your house in order. I had 5 days with only 4 attacks per day and I enjoyed a few dinners in Little Italy. Heck, I went these past 9 days with only one 3 day migraine, and I cooked a lot. 

Eventually, I got around to the laundry. All of my bills are set up around my disbursement (set it and forget it). If you can afford it, let a fiduciary and accountant handle your finances. I can't, and so I make sure to automate all of my bookkeeping, investing, and bill pay. That is the other trick, delegate every da$@ thing you can (away). Or, what you can trust in another hand. Life is too short to be concerned about the hassles we once had when we had the six-figure lifestyle. It is for me. If you still have investments, property, and hard assets, I understand. It can be easier said than done. 

Thank you Juss. I do try and delegate most things but we own and operate a small business in which we are the leaders. I go stir crazy if I am doing nothing at work, being a part and doing my part. I love the company shoot I met my husband of 17 years there. I went through a longer than normal cycle (for me anyhow) so I was so happy to have a little fun! Thank you for the nice response!

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