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Hi, not been around for a while, had a lot on...

  While doing some learning on growing shrooms a very trusted cultivator sent me this message...

  You might also want to look into shiitake.  Since I started eating shiitake three to four times per week, I haven't had a cluster headache outbreak in over a year.  There's some threads in the gourmet and medicinal forum.  It's kind of hard to eat cubes and go to work.


  I was wondering if anyone on here has heard of any benefits, I've done a few searches online but not found anything, but like i said RogerRabbit is a very well educated and trusted mushroom cultivator, as I'm sure some of you will know. I may even try growing some myself after my cubes are finished.


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Hey Sam,

Don't know about benefits of Shiitake related to CH but it does have other health benefits.  I'm about to innoculate some jars with Shiitake "LC" that also came from a shroomery "trusted cultivator"......I'm going to use this Tek that was sent to me by AO......instead of the pieces of skewers, I used 1/4 x 1 inch spiral cut wooden dowels.  We will see......


Dallas Denny

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looks interesting was looking at something similar myself but using sawdust instead of verm therfore not needing dowels or skewers, I think bags might be the way to go though with shiitake, got a lot more research to do before i commit to anything though, pretty amazed at how well my cubes are doing, 6 days after inoculation and jars are at 60-70% and all 8 are contam free.. touch wood :) hope i'll be medicated soon

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