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Clusterheads Poem

Dallas Denny

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Happy New Year ya'll!  Hope everyone enjoyed the celebration......meh, I turned off the tube, put on my jammies, and went to bed at 8:30!

So , I ran across this poem by our very own @Fast Eddie ....I'm fairly certain it's posted here but it's been a long time.....I first heard it at either the Portland conference in 2010 or Las Vegas in 2012 when Eddie recited it....great poem by a great guy!


‘We call each other clusterheads"
 by Eddie Langford


There are many types of headaches
 I'm sure you've had your share
 From stress and strains and migraines
 To a sinus one here and there

But let me tell you about one friend
 That puts them all to shame
 This headache is a demon
 And a cluster is it's name

To see a full blown cluster
 Is a very scary sight
 It can happen in a moments time
 No matter day or night

It is the worst pain known to man
 It will put us on our knees
 We pray someone will knock us out
 And give us some relief

We call the start a shadow
 A sensation in the brain
 That says "the demons coming back"
 To taunt us once again

The brain turns into cornmeal mush
 The eyeball starts exploding
 We moan and cry and rock our heads
 There’s no doubt how bad we're hurting

We call each other clusterheads
 Our tiny little crew
 Of others who are just like us
 Who know what we go through
 So please don't say you understand
 Just what we're going through
 Unless you are a clusterhead
 You haven't got a clue



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