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My experience with Nurtec


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A little bit about my situation with Clusters and Migraines. I have a very unique situation in that I have never had a cluster without not first having a migraines for multiple days in a row. Through busting I got the Clusters to calm down a bunch but the migraines seemed to keep coming back. I have always felt that if I could get controll of my migraines my Clusters would stop. 

Well on January 5th my doc had me try Nurtec taking 1 every other day. They seemed to calm down my migraines from 3 to 5 a week on the average sometimes more down to about 1 every 7 to 10 days through January. February is down to 1 every other week. The greatest thing is I have been 100% cluster free since started Nurtec. 
I hope that this continues to work as in the past everything that has worked stopped over time.

last thing is insurance. This stuff is ridiculously expensive. When I went to the pharmacy with the prescription my insurance would only give me 16 for a three month supply wih. $20 co-pay. I called my Insurance and told them that my doctor wants me to take one every other day and the 3 month supply was not enough. They told me that if doctor wrote the prescription to say 1 tab every other day they would cover it as a preventative medication not an abortive medication with a $90 co-pay

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Congratulations. While most would never approve, I just take a few to several 50mg Tramadol per day in conjunction with 100mg of Toprimate. When shit hits the fan, I bump it to 200mg. I add a Beta Blocker such as Propanol at 10mg, up to three times per day, if I am going ape shit. Coincidentally, the more panic attacks, the worse the headaches. It all is interconnected.

Then, I added 100mg of Naltrexone. Somehow, it all works. The 100mg of Lamotrigine and 900mg of Lithium inadvertently help as well. As do that 50 mg Hydroxyzine that I pop like Candy-sometimes 4 per day. What? I get flipping panic attacks. Drugs are an easier solution. Psychoanalysis takes several years: I am only 2 in.

Anyways, all of it helps. You do you. If those expensive drugs help, great. My bill never exceeds $20 per month, for 6 different scripts. And, some have 180 counts. I quit the 210 counts of Fioricet, 60 injections of Ketorolac per month, and 60 DHE injections per month. That crap caused massive rebounds. I found the right cocktail and now have zero abortives. You tell me.

I am happy for you. Good luck. Honestly, I am not comfortable or so sure of the science behind any of the CGRP. That is me, however.

Lithium, or Lamictal, is a hell of a drug! Lithium works miracles, tames the madness in the head. And sleeping sober? Are you fucking nuts? That is when the circus begins. The copious amounts of knocking me out drugs are essential. 

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