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Chance to raise a few bucks


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I would have posted this in the fundraising threads but it has a time limint so I thought I'd put it here....

If you haven't checked out IGive, it's not a bad deal. A way for Clusterbusters to raise some funds while you save money shopping online. Doesn't cost a thing and can save you some bucks.

In this case, you dont need to do anything but sign up and CB makes some $$

Please pass it along to the other online shoppers you may know.

Here's your personalized invitation to help Clusterbusters, Inc. earn oodles

of money, free, quick, and easy!   

It's our 5+5=$10 (Or more!) Special Bonus.

For each new person who joins iGive using the special link below, installs

iGive (our newly updated handy dandy toolbar) and keeps it installed through

April 8, 2011, we'll give Clusterbusters, Inc. $5.  For free, no purchase


If they shop just once (and we're hoping they'll shop) via iGive by April 8,

Clusterbusters, Inc. receives another $5. (Or more!)

That's at least $10.

What's all this 'Or more!'? -- every time a member shops via iGive, up to

26% of each purchase helps Clusterbusters, Inc..  More members + more

shopping = more donations!

Our goal -- to see how fast this Special Bonus can attract 1,000 new iGive

members to help Clusterbusters, Inc. and others and to learn if this kind of

bonus helps new members shop more.  We've only sent this special invite to

about 25,000 iGive members.  Once we've reached 1,000 new people joining

using this invitation no more invitations wlll be honored. So please act

quickly to help Clusterbusters, Inc..

This is the link:



Why install iGive? 

Because it makes helping Clusterbusters, Inc. so very easy.  iGive Shoppers,

on average, raise $50 a year for their cause.  Installing iGive is quick.

It can be uninstalled in moments.  It knows about the 800+ stores that help

when you shop there, it signals you when you need to activate for special

donations, and it's a simple way to use Bing and iGive to raise a penny or

more with every search.

Pass along this e-mail to friends, colleagues, and fellow supporters.   


The details:

    - Invitation open between 2/22/11 and 11:59 a.m., March 15, 2011

(Chicago time).

    - New members only (never have been an iGive member previously).  All

the normal rules of membership and purchasing apply, our site has the

details.  The second most important rule?  One membership per person.

    - Once 1,000 new members have installed and are using iGive, the offer


    -  Installing iGive is vital.  The new member must install the iGive

toolbar successfully within 3 days of joining, or the $5 installation bonus

will be reversed.

    - The special link is important.  No link, no $5.

That's it.  Don't have the new iGive toolbar?  Try it yourself.  It's at

http://isearch.iGive.com/toolbar.cfm .  You may need to login first.


Robert N. Grosshandler


P.S. We've added a little something new.  If you want to track how you are

doing, just visit http://www.iGive.com/html/referralsreport.cfm.

If you want to track how your cause is doing, please visit

http://www.iGive.com//html/causestats.cfm .

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This was SO easy to do... also wanted to add that CB receives $0.01 for each qualifying search done through the "IGive" search bar. This is an ongoing benefit, and a great way to support this cause. I know it doesn't sound like much, but seriously, we do ALOT of searching and this combined by all of us could really add up. Every little bit helps! :)

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