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New York support/Doctor Recommendations


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Hello and Happy New Year to all ClusterBusters!

I am new to Clusterbusters and I just want to introduce myself. I am the wife of a cluster headache sufferer. My husband has had chronic cluster headaches since March of 2009 (nine straight months of suffering) with only a few sporadic days without a headache since the onset of his headaches. We are looking for a new doctor in New York, preferably in the five boroughs of NYC but we are willing to travel. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, has anyone had any experience with the New York Headache Center? The website suggests that they have had some success treating it. Thank you very much! I am just so happy to find ClusterBusters. It is difficult to communicate the severity of the issue to those who are unaware of cluster headaches and the pain they can cause. It is a relief to know there is a support group.

Thank you,


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Welcome Brooklynwife!

I would also join www.clusterheadaches.com chat board.

You may find a some folks over that to steer you in the right direction for good neuros.  I'm not that far from NYC and I have an excellent neuro if you're willing to travel to the Allentown, PA area.  He even supports the use of LSA/LSD which is what clusterbusters is all about.

I will get back to you with some links of docs in your area.  Your hubby needs to find one that suits him.  It may take several docs to find the right "one".

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I will pass along info from our experiences with any NY doctors so that other NY Clusterbusters can benefit from our experience!


The link to the Drs. on the OUCH site is a good place to start if you're looking for a Dr., but please know that if you're looking for a sympathetic one regarding "busting", you'll probably be disappointed.  Most Dr.s are woefully uneducated about CH in the first place...busting adds a whole new dimension to their lack of (insert word here)  :-/


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