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  1. (Don't mean to come out of the gate too hard on your doc but it sounds like he hardly knows what he's doing. (atleast he knows about 100% O2, so I'll give him that Some docs (a LOT of them) don't have clue as to how to properly perscribe O2. That guy doing his "study" is going to incorrectly report that O2 is useless for his patients, when it's really his script that's useless.  He didn't give you a non rebreather mask if it doesn't have the bag that can fill with 100% O2. And that pretty much equals complete failure to help CH attacks. Not to mention he's completely clueless if he says over 12lpm won't help. Many people aren't able to get aborts until they go to 15lpm at a minimum. Some people have to go all the way up to 25lpm and do a short hyperventelate to take out attacks.  It sorta gets me to hear quacks that act like experts when they don't have the first clue as to what they're doing. (But, glad he atleast got you the O2 script, you can modify as needed from here!!! yayyyy) You're on the right track getting the "Non Rebreather" mask from the website. PFW, J I think we have all been through this avenue with neuros. My current one admits she isn't versed on it so she asked what to write on the script and I said 15 lpm. Now, most of us have regs that go far beyond this so if the doc writes 10 lpm max, who cares. We have control of that. If you don't have a good reg, check them out on EBay as they're relatively inexpensive until you exceed 15lpm +.
  2. Brilliant Bejeeber, almost fell off my chair ;D ;D ;D
  3. I have handed all of my bosses the old Cluster Headache letter for employers for starters. http://www.ouch-us.org/chgeneral/colleagueletter.htm Luckily my bosses understand and are ok with it eventhough they don't understand it. I am in cycle now and I truly believe by working, it keeps my mind off of the beast. With using seeds, the vitamin D3 regimen (from Batch) and a good filled E tank of O2 in the car, I just stroll through cycles now barely getting above a K2. It took years of pain to get this far and that's the beauty of this board and the cluster headache.com board. I have learned so much in just 5 years. I've been episodic for 18 years and I finally have this F-in beast in my grasp. Keeping a positive attitude, a high alkaline diet and exercise has also helped me. Hejada, if you need any tips or advice/links, please pm me whenever. We all know what you're going though. It sucks, but there is hope. Have a great holiday! Chad
  4. Chad


    Spiny, I find that one of my triggers is hunger so when my belly growls, I start eating. I will back up what the elf says, try the seeds. It has made my cluster management that much easier. Matter of a fact, I ate 40 seeds last might as my cycle is starting up after a year and a half of being PF. I swear my remission time is longer due to seeds or maybe it's luck on my side. BTW, check out Batches regiment of vitamin D3. He has a thread started on here. A lot have found relief going that route. I'm trying that as well along with seeds and O2. Oxygen alone has made my cycles easier. I'm lucky if I have felt a K7 or higher in years due to these boards and the CH board. Sorry to get off topic here. Keep reading and retain all.
  5. Biggest trigger for me, my wife, kidding... lol Boss, i'm right there with you. If I even smell a cig while in cycle, it's almost guaranteed that i'll get hit in addition to burning leaves, a chimney or any kind of petroleum product. I smoked years ago and I swear when I quit, my cycles got easier to handle and it was one less trigger for me Also, Strong perfume, nitrates, letting myself get hungry, alcohol of any kind the list goes on and on.
  6. I've always gotten more seeds than I ordered. When I order 100 seeds for that 12.99 @ Iamshaman, I usually get 500. Same deal with Psychoactiveherbs.com 1000 seeds should only be around $100 if you order from either sites. What site was it so we know to watch out. Yes, after dosing with seeds, you'll sleep like a baby, but don't be surprised to get hit the next day. It's the days following I usually get some results. Not PF, but less severity and number of daily CH. BTW, depending on where you live, try growing them yourself next spring and you'll have a supply come next fall. I wish the best for your hubby! Wishing him PF time. Chad
  7. Hang in there buddy. The detox period can be really rough, but if the busting works for you after that, it will be well worth it later on. We're here to listen. -Chad
  8. Thanks for the Vote link Lee Ann. I voted last night and I also forwarded it to my neuro so hopefully he votes too
  9. As the rest said, be patient. This busting doesn't work overnight. It takes patience and trust. I'm surprised 2g wasn't intense. I haven't done psilo in almost 10 years and at the time, only 1g had me in a pretty wild trip (in a fun way) along with the rest of my buddies who did it with me. Maybe those batches I did were strong. This is why I use seeds since they work for me. Psilo is my back up if seeds fail. Keep on busting my friend. Best of luck! Chad
  10. Hi Lee Ann, I think I did, but i'm going to forward it again in case he didn't get it. I know he'll be interested. I just got Jordan hooked up with my same neuro. The more professionals involved the better.Â
  11. You can certainly feel the difference in batches, however I have not clue how to measure the amount of alkaloids in these little suckers. I know that adding the lemon juice should help extract the "gold", but if there isn't any "gold" in the seed, you're just extracting nothing. I have felt a slight body buzz/nausea from 30 seeds and other batches absolutely nothing with 80 seeds. I wish they had test kits, lol!
  12. Bob, you and everybody involved to me are considered "Saints"! Two words.... Thank YOU
  13. More and more of these doctors are starting to surface. I finally found my neuro of choice. When I first visited him I said, "you may not agree with this, but I use a type of seed to manage my headaches" and the first thing he said was morning glories? He is totally on board with the use of psychedelics. My neuro before him rolled his eyes at me and said I shouldn't listen to people on chat boards. That was my last visit to him. The new doc prescribed me O2 and actually drew a chart on how to use seeds. He knows I need to fine tune it and after a couple of years, i'm happier than ever. I'm sticking with this guy. I email him regularly with research I find on here. He is really interested and supportive.
  14. Welcome John! Read as much as you can and ask many questions. Chad
  15. You think the mask works good? Try a mouthpiece. There is absolutely no way to get anything other than pure 02 with a mouthpiece, and it is so much easier to manage. You don't have to have a free hand to hold it all the time. You can hold it with your teeth. Inhale through the mouth, exhale through the nose. It don't get any easier than that. I couldn't agree more. The mouthpiece is the ONLY way to go for me. ...and for all of you wondering, when you order from DJ at CH.com a mouthpiece and mask comes with the kit so no need to get that mouthpiece separately. If you get dry mouth, you can always keep a glass of water by your side and take a sip in between breathes or use what they call a "bubbler" which adds moisture to your O2.
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