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15th Annual Clusterbusters Conference

September 10-12 2020 Virtual

Investigating the Efficacy of Psilocybin

Now accepting Chronic and Episodic cluster patients.

New Clinical Study of Cluster Headaches is Now Recruiting Patients. This study is taking place at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in West Haven, Connecticut, an affiliate of Yale University School of Medicine.

New Study at Yale

Personal and Environmental Factors in Cluster Headache Attacks

We support research for better treatments and a cure while advocating to improve the lives of those struggling with cluster headaches.

Functionality Coming Soon.

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Leslie Kingston’s Battle with Clusters

Last year, the FDA approved the first drug ever developed specifically for the treatment of cluster headache. Since then, the quality of life, amount of disability and the decrease in frequency has been life-changing for many people living with cluster headache, including Leslie Kingston.

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