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Diagnostic Tool

Not sure about your current headache diagnosis?

Have you had more than one headache diagnosis over the years? Have you had one diagnosis but the usual treatments for that type of headache don’t seem to help? Since there are over 150 headache disease diagnoses it is sometimes difficult to get a proper diagnosis. A significant percentage of people end up suffering from more than one confirmed disease. Getting an accurate diagnosis is the most important first step in finding a treatment plan that will work for you.

Clusterbusters helped refine a diagnostic tool to help people with this important first step.

The Computerized Headache Assessment Tool (CHAT-III)

The Computerized Headache Assessment Tool (CHAT) is an algorithm-based online tool developed to help in the recognition of primary headache diseases, such as migraine, tension-type headache, and cluster headache. It was initially developed by Morris Maizels MD along with Patient Tools Inc. With the assistance of Robert Wold and Clusterbusters, it was evaluated in over 250 people as part of a formal research study, and found to be very accurate for the recognition of cluster headache. You may print out your survey and review the results with your health care provider if the assessment is different from your current headache diagnosis.

CHAT-III is intended as a screening instrument, and not intended to replace medical assessment. ClusterBusters and PatientTools Inc accept no responsibility for the use of CHAT-III.

Diagnostic Tool

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