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Patient Resources

Learning to Navigate Cluster Headaches

Clusterbusters offers a variety of resources and areas of support for those with cluster headaches, their loved ones, and medical professionals. Use the boxes below to understand more about treatments, proper care, suicide prevention, and to connect with others who know what you’re going through exactly.

Find A Doctor Near You

Access To Care

Finding the right doctor to treat cluster headaches in your area is frustrating and challenging. Clusterbusters has a list of doctors that have been recommended in the past for treatment of cluster headache. We are working to offer a doctor locator soon to help you find an experienced physician, headache specialist, or neurologist near you. Learn about different treatment plans, and get help with dealing with your insurance provider.


The Clusterbusters forums have given thousands of “clusterheads” a safe place to ask questions and learn more about the complexities of living with cluster headaches. Our secure forums give you the opportunity to discuss medications, side effects, and alternative routes. Get support from others who understand what’s it’s like to cope with the tremendous toll cluster headaches take on you and everyone in your life.

Grow Guide

Psilocybin mushrooms can be an effective way to treat cluster headaches. Our grow guide goes over the tools and supplies necessary to produce psilocybe cubensis variants so you can be in control of your pain relief. Learn the tips and tricks to a successful grow as well as dosing recommendations to prevent and abort cluster headache attacks.

High-flow oxygen

High-flow oxygen is a highly effective treatment for episodic and chronic cluster headaches. Many cluster patients have difficulty getting a prescription and the correct setup. Our oxygen page answers FAQs and goes into detail about what you need to abort attacks with 100% oxygen.


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Suicide Prevention

Cluster headaches are nicknamed suicide headaches because of the sudden and severe pain but also because of the isolating nature of the condition. Clusterbusters has partnered with the suicide prevention hotline and international resources. You’re not alone in feeling alone.

Treatment Options

There are a variety of treatments for cluster headaches from pharmaceutical to holistic and alternative methods. Learn about abortive medications, preventive protocols, and transitional therapies to treat both chronic and episodic cluster headaches.