Our Case Series, research study, completed at Harvard showed the effectiveness of treating cluster headaches with psychedelics. The results were published first in the peer-reviewed medical journal Neurology and publicized cluster headaches, the need for new treatments and the possibilities that further research into psychedelic related research could offer.

Harvard & Hannover Germany

Clusterbusters® feels strongly about the need for psychedelic research for the relief it can provide for both mental and physical ailments, but also because it leads to off-shoots into non-hallucinogenic treatments. Our work with Harvard lead to a combined effort between researchers at Harvard and the Hannover Medical School, investigating the effectiveness of the non-hallucinogenic compound BOL-148 (Bromo-LSD) for cluster headaches.  Just as the early work by Hofmann lead to such headache treatments as Sansert and Sumatriptan, our work has lead to this unique cluster headache treatment. Early results from a small clinical trial in Germany, which was funded by Clusterbusters®, are extremely promising. Confirming these results with larger clinical trials and bringing this to market so it’s available to everyone will be a time consuming and expensive process. A process that has begun 40 years too late due to the legal status of LSD. The job of getting this treatment to market is now in the hands of a private company of which Clusterbusters® is not affiliated.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

During our ongoing research, it has been discovered that an alarming percentage of people with cluster headaches also suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of the disease.  Although it is common knowledge within the medical community that chronic pain can produce PTSD, until this recent study there had never been any associations made with clusters and PTSD.  The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Checklist for Civilians (PCL-C) is the commonly used test for diagnosing PTSD. The Civilian version measures the results of repeated trauma rather than singular events that can cause PTSD. Following treatment of cluster headache with psychedelics, PCL-C scores were reduced a staggering 48.4%. This is not just a by-product of relieving the pain, as the scores of those people relieving the pain of clusters with prescription medications or surgeries did not fare as well with improved scores. This dramatic quality of life improvement is seemingly only produced with treatment of the cluster headaches with psychedelics and is accomplished completely through self therapeutic measures. Our research on this topic continues. We are currently involved in discussions with research facilities aimed at initiating clinical trials

Medication Survey ~ Study

We have collected data on the efficacy of cluster medications and the resulting peer-reviewed publication will end up being one of the largest studies to date involving cluster headache sufferers.  Once published, the results will shed great light on the actual effectiveness of the medications we use. We suspect many of these results will differ from what has long been advertised. Results are being tabulated and reviewed at one of the country’s leading institutions and will soon be published.

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