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Treatment Options

In this section, information about medications, drugs, and treatments will be covered by category of intervention, namely preventives, abortives, and alternatives. Countless prescription and over-the-counter medications have been recommended and tried for the treatment of cluster headache (CH); the summaries are not intended to be comprehensive.

A focus of greater elaboration will be on alternative treatments, as it is the position of Clusterbusters that these methods can be more effective at preventing and aborting Cluster Headache attacks than many pharmaceuticals, so we aim to provide accurate information on those substances and treatments. However, we strongly recommend you discuss your treatment plans fully and carefully with your health provider.

Getting the Correct Diagnosis

Before any treatment strategies are employed, a correct diagnosis is essential.

Preventive Treatments

In medicine, preventive treatment is action taken to prevent a person from experiencing an illness or disease. In the case of cluster headache (CH), preventive medicine is intended to reduce or eliminate CH cycles and attacks. There is no known cure for CH.


gammaCore Sapphire

Other Treatments

Abortive Treatments

When an attack occurs, abortive treatments are used to reduce the impact of that attack. Abortive treatments can reduce the severity and length of an attack when used properly.


Sumatriptan Succinate/Imitrex/Sumavel DosePro, etc.

gammaCore Sapphire

Other commonly prescribed abortive medications

Over the Counter Options

Alternative Treatments

Some individuals with cluster headache (CH) respond favorably to traditionally prescribed medications and some do not. For those that do not, Clusterbusters has been exploring alternatives to these traditional approaches.

Tryptamine Overview

Warnings and Drug Interactions

Set and Setting

Busting Overview

Tryptamine Methods

Research and History

Understanding the history of research and efforts regarding Clusterbusters and psychedelics can help when making choices about treatment options.

A Summary of Clusterbusters’ Research

Tryptamines and Clusterbusters: A Historical Summary

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