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    Word of caution. If you're going to try to use a SCUBA 2nd stage regulator. First make sure it's rated for 100% O2 by the manufacturer. Most are not and are manufactured with rubber O rings and pressure valves that are not O2 compatible. They are also mostly lubricated with hydrocarbons that can spontaneously combust if exposed to 100% O2. Once you verify that a manufacturer's regulator is O2 ready you should make sure it's O2 "Clean". Most any SCUBA shop can O2 clean a regulator for you for a few bucks. I normally dive mixed gases and O2 clean gear is a must to prevent your gear from catching fire or malfunctioning. Hydrocarbons can spontaneously combust in pressurized pure oxygen. I don't mean to scare anyone, but using pressurized O2 should only be done with O2 certified and cleaned equipment. J
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    I sent a PM to Concerned mom and offering all help I can, happy to see this young man soon.
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    A mask like this one will fit into the dive regulator. Anesthesia mask These are just examples. You can do your own search to see what will be best for you. A medical demand valve can be pricey. medical demand valve. You would also need the DISS connection hose.
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    Being down under makes it a little more difficult. However, there is an inexpensive alternative demand valve you can try. Using a demand valve requires the demand valve, a pressure reducing regulator and a mask or mouth tube. This dive regulator has a DISS connection. If you get a welding tank you can use a standard 2 stage regulator to reduce the pressure to 50psi and hook the dive regulator to the output. Ebay.au dive regulator from China. welding regulator. In the USA we can buy medical regulators on ebay. Appartently they are not permitted down there. This medical regulator has DISS 50 PSI port under the pressure gauge in addition to the flow controlled port on the end.
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    Hiya TCB...welcome aboard! Siegfried is absolutely right....great points. One of the frustrating things for clusterheads: we have the same thing.....yet we're all different! Find yourself a headache specialist to sort it out... and don't dismiss the possibility of multiple headache conditions. Different treatments work for different types...so ya collect the ones that work. I'm shocked (dismayed) you apparently have not been prescribed OXYGEN !?. LONG time first line primary CH abortive, well discussed, researched, and approved by the medical community...the right flow (at least 15 LPM), the right mask (non rebreather), and the right technique....and lives have been changed and saved. Look into Vitamin D3 regimen also...…. Best Jon
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    Hello TheChinBurglar, A few things to consider here: First and foremost, try to consult a headache expert in order to get a diagnosis. They are the best placed to do that as they see over thousand of headache patients every year and they know when to consider you symptoms as CH or something else. But in order to get a good diagnosis, you need to collect accurate data. So, keep a headache diary where you write as much as information down about your headaches. In addition, film yourself during an attack... your behavior will tell a lot about the type of headaches you have. Second, don't worry too much about not matching all the boxes and not screaming and shouting as much as this or that YouTube guy. I think your symptoms match CH relatively well. But it is important to get an MRI done to rule out any underlying condition. That is key ! If that is OK, they you will fall under one of the primary headaches. It is then up to the doctors to figure out which one. And I can assure you that, if they are real headache specialists, they know what they are doing and you have to trust the outcome and I know what I am talking about. When I got diagnosed in 2017 my CH did not look very much like textbook CH at all - just "some symptoms of CH" as they described it. But now 1,5 years later, they proven to be right and I still thanks to them every day they gave me oxygen back then, otherwise I would have ended up as a walking bag of zolmitriptan All the best ! siegfried
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    I do the same with telemarketers, it is fun and oddly satisfying! Good for you... Just for fun, I did a live chat with them. Seemed to confuse the crap out of them. They wanted my email address so they could stop sending me emails!