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    New here and super happy to be here

    Welcome Marcelo! Very happy that you found us. There is a lot of info to read and absorb. Ask all the questions you want. There is a banner at the top of each section 'New Users - read here first' That will give a great start. What meds are you taking and do you have O2 with a non-rebreather mask? High flow? That is the main game changer. And check up on the D3 Regimen. Cheap, easy, and all good for you vitamins. It can lower your pain levels and slow down the ramp up. Living on two hours sleep for months will make you feel pretty rotten. Posts are not 'boring' nor are there any stupid questions. ATB!
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    Welcome aboard @Marcelo_11. Sorry you need us, glad you found us.
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    clusterbusters.org saved my life...and obviously so many others!