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  1. hi Batch,

    I am new on this web site ( CH have now for 5 years, one's a year  for about a month, paint maximum of the maximum,  but last year came 2 times a year , I've tried everything that classic medicine do fo CH , nothing helped, only immigran but after 30,40 min of horror of pain , truffles break the cicles once, and that is more less all about my CH )

    here I heard for the first time for D3 regime and I ordered vitamines :

    1. D3 1o,000 iu

    2. omega 3 , 2000 mg

    3.kudzu root 500 mg

    4. B2 400 mg

    5. magnezium 430 mg

    6.calcium 400 mg

    7. melatonin 2 mg

    I've started to drink it and I allways feel strange taste in mounth , like I eat some poisson or metal , I allsow fell tired and strange , in very bad way. Witch of these vitamines can do this bad effects? do I do something wrong with dosage ? for how long I should drink it?







    1. Batch


      Hey Eli,

      Shoot me an email or pm me your email address so I can send you the latest version of the anti-inflammatory regimen.  My email address is pete.batcheller@verizon.net.

      Take care,

      V/R, Batch