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  1. This is an awesome idea. I need to figure out how to get an O2 tank here. I move around a lot and switch jobs every few years so it's always a headache trying to re-establish myself where I go.
  2. Sorry for all the posts and replies. Has anyone ever tried having a concentrator and mask as a preventative? Just go to sleep with the thing on hoping it prevents before it begins while in cycle? I might need to try this.
  3. Now this is very interesting. I do data analytics and big data for a living so am very familiar with parallel processing. I might just get an added machine.
  4. I'm not a fan of the masks personally. I find it much easier to apply the breathing method that batch mentioned when sucking straight from the pipe/bag. Just personal preference. Been lurking on your mesculine implementation and wishing you the best of PF days.
  5. I lurk way more than I post. I have been using your breathing method since I read about it several years ago and swear by it. It is IMO way more important than the LPM. I have, humorously, had built my own "redneck resevoir" as the pictures you posted to get the most out of my concentrator. Your setup is much more "lasting" and better done - I think i'm going to try your version - seems like it's more "built to last." It seems like one thing us clusterheads have in common is we are very resourceful when it comes to trying to tame this beast.
  6. About twice as long as it takes on tanks. My tanks could stop an attack in under 10 minutes and my concentrator tends to be closer to the 15-20 mark and there are some really bad attacks it can't kick. I had one on Sunday that energy drinks and constantly sucking on the tube wouldn't kick.
  7. I want to make a statement. I am in no way saying that a concentrator is BETTER than a tank. In fact, I had tanks and can say that at a high flow rate they are without a DOUBT better. I'm just saying that there are times when tanks run out or, like me, you are episodic and get caught between an attack and between moves with no tanks and the concentrator is saving me. Without it I would be up **** creek. I just would like to have an updated one on hand as extra insurance should I be caught in a situation where I am without meds and/or tanks.
  8. So a number of years ago when the Dr. prescribed me oxygen they gave me the tanks, but they also gave me an O2 concentrator. Years later I'm still lugging that thing around through about 10 moves. The thing is heavy! But anyways, I'm going through a cycle and I haven't been to a doctor in my new city and haven't got a script for O2, but I still have my concentrator. Low and behold - it works pretty good surprisingly even at a max lpm of maybe 10 or 12 according to the meter. Do they make concentrators with a higher lpm? This one is knocking them out just fine, but feel an even higher lpm
  9. Long time poster, but I've moved around a lot and think it would be cool to connect with other sufferers from Austin. Cheers.
  10. I hope an important thing wasn't lost in translation - GET OXYGEN!
  11. Thank you both for replying - as a 13 year sufferer I'm well aware that much of our knowledge is mixed with fact and speculation. The great part is that due to the Internet - what we have is light years beyond where we would be without it. To answer your question - I took 60 seeds. I have taken them a total of 3 times since I bought them and only experienced effects the first time - which were quite intense. I'm tempted to buy more just to be safe.
  12. Dosed with RC seeds last night. Got a real bad hit today while at work. Odd - I typically get them during the night and my occasional day hits can typically be fended off with Energy drinks. Two energy drinks wouldn't budge the SOB so I took an imitrex. O2 isn't an option at work and when energy drinks don't kick it I have no choice but to take an Imitrex which finally knocked it out. Did I mess up my bust by taking a pill the day after my bust? I havent taken anything this cycle up to this point. I can't figure out either if my seeds have lost their potency and I should order more or t
  13. Just wondering if anybody on this board is from around here. Recently moved here.
  14. What exactly is offensive about this subject? Isn't alternative therapy and exploring new forms of treatment a part of what this site is about? IMHO, this is a place where we can be open and honest without ridicule. If you're out of line, then I am too.
  15. Wow - maybe the single positive thing about having CH is that it weeds out the losers. At least, that's what I take from it. I don't think I'd want to be with someone who is that narrow minded, insensitive, uncompassionate, and absolute. Sounds to me like these might be the same types who will run if times get tough. I wonder how they would feel if they were diagnosed with a disease? Would they be understanding if their partner didn't want to deal with it and fled?
  16. New doctor! Or get a referral to a neuro
  17. I would do the D3 regimen since it worked before and 50 seeds. Hit the CH with a one, two punch! I'm new to the seed busting, I know that a lot of people recommend starting out with a low dose, and I don't understand why. If there is no danger in taking more then why not ensure your body gets enough of the good stuff? These things aren't bashful so I figure I can't be either. Fight fire with fire.
  18. Thanks for the affirmation and piece of mind. Any suggestions on quantity for my first dose - you think 50 is a good starting point?
  19. I got 500 seeds overnighted to me from IAmShaman. Happy to support a local business :-) Thank you for your help. Hoping to bust Monday night - thinking 50 seeds.
  20. cHfather - appreciate the quick response - what is the general consensus on HBW vs RC? I notice iamshaman only has HBW and the other site won't resume shipping until the 14th. hmmm...was hoping to try busting sometime early next week.
  21. Best quality U.S. source for RC seeds? Want quality over quantity - someplace that overnights?
  22. Thanks Spiny. As a fantasy fan - I'm a bit of a dragon slayer at heart.
  23. Thank you both for the advice, support, and links. I know that I need to upgrade my current treatment plan. My current regime is effective, but relief is in 20-30 minutes. Maybe a better plan could reduce that to minutes! I'm the one to blame, though. This may seem odd, but having relatively short cycles is strange from a psychological aspect. Because I'm out of a cycle for so long I go back to my normal life and completely forget that I have a severely debilitating disease. The last thing on my mind out of cycle is "I need to get an O2 tank, better mask, etc." There are perio
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