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  1. I'm beginning to feel a little nervous myself. I'm going on 3 months now myself of these darn headaches. I was huffing oxygen last night a few times for about 20 minutes each time. Well lets say I was up to 20 minutes the third time. I was having a hard time staying awake once a little relief came while on the O2. I'm taking D3 regimine and I've upped my D3 to 20,000 IUs per day for the last week or so. Seems to have helped but this cycle should have ended by now. The most I've ever gone before was maybe 10 weeks in cycle. I'm now around 12 weeks. Last cycle last year the D3 regimine knocked it out in no time flat. This time not so much and O2 is taking forever. It almost feels like I've got tension headaches combined with Clusters at times too. I've been under a great deal of stress so I can't imagine that helping the situation. Being that I'm super stressed I'm afraid to dose to high with RC seeds as my setting isn't really desirable. I checked my blood pressure the other night after work and it was 134 over 95. My blood pressure is usually 115 over 80 or less. I'm also guilty of not drinking enough water. Red Bull seems to help tremendously where in the past, not so much. I'm going to ask my doctor for Imitrex pills for when I don't have access to O2. A Red Bull along with that and even a little O2 if I can get it would only make me have say 20 minutes of moderate pain I'm guessing. I feel the Imitrex pills are needed as a standby. I've never tried them though. Anyone have experience with Imitrex pills? One other thing, last cycle and every one before that, I had quit smoking. I'm wondering if that is one of the culprits perhaps. Maybe if I quit smoking it will help end this cycle?
  2. I get my O2 from a welders supply house. A few weeks ago after I had been coming in like every 10 days, the guy remarked, "what a ya doin, huffin this stuff"? I replied "well I knew one day you'd ask and as a matter of fact........". He's cool with it and said it works wonders for hangovers. My brother suggested I look into a career as a welder this way I could get all the 02 I wanted even at work lol. Don't recall what I'm paying per month for my 3 tanks but I'll look and see. I'd drain my bank account if I had to for O2. Thankfully my cycle seems to be coming to an end. I'm dying to have a couple of beers. I wouldn't suggest telling the welder people what your using the 02 for. This guy was just curious after the last few years and especially since he never saw a fella supposed to be welding wearing a shirt and tie at times lol.
  3. That sucks. My O2 doesn't seem to work as fast as it used to either. I'm in Orlando area (Sanford/Lake Mary). Hope you find comfort soon. Are you incorporating D3 regimen as well?
  4. Thank you Renee for that detailed information and also the others who responded including how the light effects LSA. Great information by all! In regards to my first LSA dose of 15 seeds, I was just testing the waters. This cycle is lasting longer than I expected. Last year the D3 regimine seemed to have worked better though this year it no doubt has helped limit the number and intensity of the attacks. As of right now, I'm mainly getting hit at night before I go to bed. I also get hit anytime I take a nap. As soon as I wake from a nap I feel like I have a really really bad hangover. Extremely foggy thinking/head with the headache coming but O2 stops it. My head also feels like it is asleep at the same time because it tingles big time like a leg or an arm that has fallen asleep (best I can describe). Wonder if others feel these same effects? I prefer night time attacks over daytime because during the day I'm on appointments with clients. I was in a one on one training last week being trained on a health product and damm if I didn't start to get an attack. I could feel my left eye drooping and neck starting to hurt. The trainer was looking at me funny I swear. He had to go search another part of the office for something I would need so I told him I had to get something out of my car. I went out to the car to breathe O2 and came back. Real PITA these cluster headaches!Â
  5. I don't recall reading anything about floating the seeds first. This is news to me. Now I'm wondering how many of my 15 were floaters. Errrrrrrr What's this floating process? Can someone elaborate on it? I can't believe I don't recall reading about floating. >
  6. Well I did only 15 seeds last night. Slept really good but don't know if the seeds had any play in that. Had a headache this morning while driving to a meeting so I had to BWD (breathe while driving). In 5 days I will double the dose to 30 if I'm still getting hits. There is some powder that doesn't get used from crushing on my motar and pestil so I'm not getting a true 15 or whatever amount if seeds.
  7. I crushed up 25 RC seeds to a fine powder last night around 10:00 pm and added to water (soak) with the intentions of drinking it but fell asleep. Can I drink this same cocktail tonight or do I need to start all over again which would mean I have to throw out what I made? I don't want to waste it. How long is it good for? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has done this. It was 25 seeds BTW
  8. How many seeds do you take and exactly what side effects do you dislike? I ask because I need to do this myself but I'm nervous about wigging out and I'm not sure how many to take. Numbers range across the board depending who you ask. Sorry to hear they are back.
  9. ob1kanobee


    In the meantime are you not able to get a Clustermask, regulator and use welders oxygen? I would give that a try and not even mention it to my doctor and right now it sounds like your doctor is MIA. My doctor who is just a general doctor wouldn't prescribe me oxygen either. He doesn't understand CH. So I had to take the bull by the horns and go get my own oxygen. I looked on the Internet in Canada for welders supply and there were all sorts of places. I would think you could rent or buy a tank. You just can't tell them why you want it. Luckily my oxygen guy doesn't ask and I don't tell and after a few years of business I don't think he would care.
  10. I've just prepared some RC seeds and they are in water (only 10 but I have 200). However, I just read where Kudzu may interfere with busting and I've been taking like 3 of those per day. Should I drink it later anyway or should I wait for 5 days of no kudzu? I mean if I have to wait maybe I should just try the 10 seeds anyway since I'm such a chicken and see if 10 cause any undesirable effects? Advice?
  11. ob1kanobee


    I'd get on the D3 regimine right away. It's helped me reduce the severity and number of headaches however as I post this I'm sitting here hooked up to my Clustermask and O2 tank. I'm hoping I have enough oxygen to get me through the morning then I'm off for refills.
  12. I'm in Florida but I'm sort of confused about this study. Are they doing anything if Testosterone levels are normal? Is the study over? I'm in Orlando / Central Florida area.
  13. Just an update. Last night I slept all through the night. The night before I was awakened by another headache but it was mild and aborted with o2. I had taken the normal 12mg of Melatonin and was having a tuff time going back to sleep due to anxiety unrelated to CH (well sort of) because just knowing you have CH brings on a certain amount of anxiety on top of everything else going on in life I guess. Anyway I took a nap today and that brought on HUGE shadows like I was feeling like I had a really bad hangover. Took some o2 for that and felt better. I'm starting to wonder if I'm low on Testosterone. Seems I have all the symptoms for that. Interesting reading on that and the link with CH. I'm also getting a bit more interested in trying the busting with the seeds. I'll have to look and see how that's done again. If someone has link with the instructions please post it. I have the seeds in the freezer from last year when I ordered them. I was really hoping my D3 regimen alone would stop the CH but I'm getting impatient. I will say it has definitely made the headaches much less in frequency and severity and I mean much much less (so far......ya never know with the Beast). The seeds I have are RC seeds and I have 100 of them. They have been in the Freezer in a freezer bag for a year. Are they still good? I'm wanting to possibly do a low dose. I don't want to experience any (if possible) psychedelic effects. I would like to keep those effects at a minimum if possible. The thought alone makes me anxious.
  14. As if these headaches didn't exist before the telephone. Idiots! I'll agree there is merit to sticking to a schedule, proper sleep environment and learning to shut down but cure? Give me a break man!
  15. Just an update. 3 days 3 nights straight no headaches no shadows after starting D3 regimen on the 13th. So since last night and 2 previous nights and 3 days I've been pain free. Did not do the seeds, yet. I've also been taking Kudzu 3 to 4 pills per day. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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