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  1. Have a look at this folks. http://www.researchgate.net/publication/12624298_Percutaneous_retrogasserian_glycerol_rhizolysis_for_treatment_of_chronic_intractable_cluster_headaches_long-term_results This study suggests that glycerol provides long term efficacy and safety for clusters. Has anyone come across this treatment before? A brief search online seems to suggest it is useful for Trigeminal Neuralgia but some sites say for clusters. I am desperate for an effective treatment. I have been chronic for 4 years and my attacks last 14 hours straight. Oxygen doesn't abort for me, only subdues,
  2. Has anyone tried busting with 4-aco-DMT?
  3. Hi Folks, On this board I have often read how exercising can abort an attack and that is because of the increased oxygen associated with vigorous physical activity. This idea about the extra oxygen provided by exercise never sat well with me. Even before I learned about busting and gained more knowledge about clusters, whenever I felt an attack coming on during the day I intuitively felt it would be a good idea to lift weights or do some exercise, and it usually always aborted the attack. So, I recently came across a site that discussed Hemicrania Continua and it mentioned that HC sufferers
  4. Absolutely! For me triggers include many oil based paints (not linseed oil artistic paints), diesel fumes from trucks and buses, fumes from old cars without pollution control, tar and road asphalt, many other strong chemical odors like ink toner. I once used rubbing alcohol on my nose for to clean a small cut and I had an attack within 15 minutes! Pooey! C
  5. I'm kinda new here and I absolutely agree! CHfather is helping people change their lives. Thank you so so much!!
  6. I remember first taking 5-HTP about ten years ago and got a headache within about 30 minutes. Ginkgo Biloba also triggers headaches for me but even worse than 5-HTP. Everyone is slightly different but I thought I'd weigh in. cheers, C
  7. This is an interesting topic that I have often wondered about. So, when one is using shrooms to treat clusters can one still use imitrex when a headache is coming on? I was under the impression that taking imitrex will "unbust" and eliminate the effects of the shrooms. As a result I have avoided imitrex for months but have had to take shroom tea almost every two or three weeks. Any clarification would be appreciated
  8. I have had bad headaches since I was a teenager and was only recently diagnosed with clusters. But I have also had another disabling problem since I was a child: namely the need for 10 to 12 hours of sleep every night. I can't nap. If I do not get that amount of sleep I am constantly groggy and coffee doesn't wake me up but instead makes me tired and hyper, and I am more prone to a cluster later that night. I also go to sleep at 2am or later. If I try to sleep earlier I just sleep longer and do not wake up any earlier. I also do not have much of an appetite even though I work out with weight
  9. Thanks everyone for your kind replies Yes! I was quite astounded with my results from such a small amount of very old mushrooms. I am curious about RC seeds. I will do some further research about them - can anyone tell me the basics about them? Are they hallucinogenic, and if so generally pleasant or unpleasant? What I really like about the mushrooms is the very low toxicity levels. I was also wondering whether or not the mushrooms will have a positive effect on my excessive fatigue and need for sleep because during my few weeks of headache free living I was still a sleepyhead. I'm really
  10. I am new here. Hello! So after years of cluster pain I was eager to bust it and could only get hold of 1 gram of 12 yr old mushrooms from a friend who had them in a box. I ground it and made a tea and within 30 minutes the level 2 headache I had diminished and I did not have another cluster for two weeks! Then I took an Adderall (and I usually do not take any pharmaceutical pills, even avoid tylenol) as I was told it would help me catch up on the work I had not completed as I was having headaches everyday for a few months. The next day I had a level 3 headache and within a few days they were
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