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  1. Grinding them up via a marijuana grinding inserting into gel caps and kills the bad taste and can be pre-prepped for easier and regular consumption. And easier for transport.
  2. I can predict rain within 36-48 hrs. Low Pressure is NG to me!
  3. I keep a Sumi with me at all times . I call it SoonuTrippin since that's how they makes me feel. However I can sort of function on them. It's a slow to abort if not taken immediately. But it allows me to continue to work during my cycle. I feel they extend the cycle as well as make it worse. I do no more than 2-100mg a day and I know they tear me up inside. But it's a price I'm willing to pay.
  4. Vote all these bums out. Top Down! No profit in a cure criminal mentality of our Oligarchy. Never had a hang over from too much pot but alcohol legally kills people everyday albeit slightly taxed. Every pill on the market seems to have more body damaging issues than what it's trying to solve plus anal bleeding. Only after demanding Congress, Supreme Court and all fed employees get drug tested do these worthless bills go away. F'n Feds want nothing but all our liberties. I consider them a Terrorist Org. on my Watch List. Illegal wars for corporations, arming mexicartels with fully auto guns and
  5. Same here cycle starting early due to FL summer storms. Kicked off last yr same deal and went full bloom during that Hurricane whatever that hit NJ last summer.
  6. Seagrove Beach feels and shares your pain. Peace
  7. My ? is i got a cycle coming up and I want to try and bust it. In early Aug. I got a blood/urine release for Life Insurance policy. If I bust say in 2 weeks and then give sample in 2 weeks is the psilo going to show up?
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