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  1. Does anyone know when the National Geographic special will air?
  2. 1. Are you: A. Chronic 2. With the understanding that there are many factors affecting CH, do you feel that the D3 regimen: C. Helped with the severity of your headaches but didnÂ’t eliminate them. D. Helped with the frequency of your headaches but didnÂ’t eliminate them. 3. If you experienced positive results, how long were you on the D3 regimen before you experienced them? I would slay within a week i noticed a slight difference. I cheated and went on prednisone for a while cause i NEEDED relief BAD!! i am fortunate in that i have a high tolerance for steroids and not many side effects. Unfortunately, the devil is back (3 days after i stopped the steroids) but the intensity isn't as bad (knock on wood) and i think due to the supplements. I also have had alot of relief using magnesium oil. I rub it on my face head and neck when i feel an attack coming on and it really does help. the best place to purchase this is puremagoil.com My best wishes to all for PF days ahead. GOD knows they have only been back since Oct 13th, but are dragging me to the ground as usual. Thanks to everyone for their postings.. It helps a lot to know they are others that understand what i am going through.
  3. i read it somewhere in here. i will have to find it again. the person said that he was goin to be on oprah and the o'reilly factor. maybe they were HOPING!!!!! i will see what i can find. once again, thanks and good luck
  4. THANKS Dan, you are one of a kind for doing this for us. Good Luck!!!!! Do we know when the natgeo special will air? also, when will Bob Wold be on Oprah?
  5. hello all, i was waiting to add this update as i wanted to talk to my doc about the vit d3 when i see him on monday before i posted this, but here is what i am doing: 16,000 iu's of vit D3 400 mgs of B2 400 mgs of magnesium 600 mgs of calcium (i also take methergine 2 x's a day, but i have been taking that for quite awhile and my pattern did not change until i started the vit d3 regimine.) i was having 5-7 hits a day, mostly k6's and up lasting 30minutes to 3 hours..this has been going on for several months. after about 4 days on this regiime, I am down to 0-2 hits a day, mostly k2's and lasting no more than 15 minutes, with oxygen as the abortive. but, i have had a few days with NO hits at all. it has to be the d3 and b2 as these are the only two NEW things that i introduced. Ii have also been doing alot of reading on the different websites and it is highly suggested that we add magnesium, which i am taking, but they say that the oil is absorbed into your body much more effectively than the pill form. it is stated that magnesium is a natural calcium channel blocker (same as verapamil, except natural) i have ordered the oil and will let you know if any changes occur once i start using that. also, vit k2 seems to be a vitamin that needs to be added, but i wanted to talk to my pcp first as i have introduced alot of new vitamins into my system and want to make sure that i am not overdoing it. i want to also note that before i started the vit d3, i stopped taking, neurontin (gabapentin), skelaxin and topamax, as i was prepping to bust. and, they never helped me anyway. So, now the only prescription drug that i am taking for the clusters is the methergine but will be going off of that soon. i have to believe that the d3 is working for me, but it did take some time to get it into my system and i am taking a higher dose. i will discuss this with my primary care doctor and let you all know what, if any dangers there are to taking such a high dose. He is a great dr. and is very open-minded so i should be able to get some good info from him. keeping my fingers crossed. Here's wishing pain free days to all!!!
  6. hello met la, i would like to suggest that you move your post to a NEW post under the general board with a Subject of: have questions, or need help. you will get alot more hits and more people will look at your post. I am afraid that your post is buried here and people won't see it. the people on the site are the best and i can guarantee you that you will get alot of help, but do mve it under its' own SUBJECT. Good Luck.
  7. thanks bejeeber, at this point i would eat dog crap if someone told me it would help. as i said i am in the process of detoxing so that i can bust and unfortunately for me, i have alot of drugs to detox from before i can bust, so i will try just about anything to get away from this pain. i am at my lowest low with these sob's. can't take much more. we will see what happens. i will keep everyone informed. thanks to all, because of clusterbusters, I DO HAVE HOPE THAT SOMEDAY I WILL BE PAINFREE!!!!!
  8. hey all, i will be your guinea pig, i am in between detoxing and busting so i am a good one to be a guinea pig. i will start today and let you all know what happens. i have been having 5-7 clusters a day so i am up for just about anything at this point. 15,000 iu's of vitd3 here i come. check back in later.
  9. Jeff, Dan and Clustermom, I cannot thank you all enough for your quick responses. I have been feeling so alone and so down. My husband and my family try to understand but noone could ever understand unless they have had to suffer this horrific pain. And as ihave tried to explain to them, the worst is the fear of the next one. how long will it be, will the oxygen work, how long will it last, how much hair will i pull out, how much furniture will i break, etc.... i know you all know what i am talking about. I am so thankful for this website and the people that have helped me find hope. I have actually watched Bob's video numerous times because just watching him brings me hope. I will be back with some more questions, but mostly just wanted to thank the three of you for responding to me so quickly and for your support. It means the world to me to know i have such wonderful people in my corner. Thanks so much. Barbara
  10. hello again, i am seeing my doc on monday and will be detoxing and ready to start busting. i am chronic and have 2-10 clusters a day. they last anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours. i have read and read and read and cannot find any instructions for busting for chronics. i am unsure of when to take my first dose since there is no long period of time that i am pain free. i do generally sleep through the night as i have sleep apnea and the cpap machine does keep them away, that is, until i wake up and remove the mask, then i get one almost immediately. can anyone help me with this? i want to be sure that i am doing it right as this is my last hope. i have tried all the meds, the needles, everything that Bob lists on his medicine list on his video and i have very high hopes that this is my answer, but i am afraid that if i don't dose properly i will screw the whole thing up. will someone please help me as i am at the end of my rope. i need my life back. i have spent the last 6 weeks crying my eyes out sitting next to a tank of oxygen and reading everything that i could read on the website. please help. me. thanks, Barbara
  11. Thank you all for your tips and advise. I am so very blessed to have found all of you. Thanks again.
  12. Hello all, I am an oxygen user and have been for years, but my attacks do not seem to abort as fast as others. I have noticed in some other peoples messages that they are breathing the oxygen predominantly through their mouths and not their noses. i know that I am breathing mostly through my nose. What is the correct way to breath the oxygen for the quickest abort. breathing through the mouth or nose? I appreciate any help that anyone can give me as I am peaking right now and am having up to 10 attacks a day. I am waiting to see my dr. to discuss detoxing from my meds so I can bust, but until that time, oxygen is my only source of pain abortion. Thanks.
  13. ok, i am waiting. thanks so very much. frustrated, but very hopeful
  14. Hello Everyone, I am sorry, but I am being a bit ditsy, guess it's either all the meds or the sleepless nights from sucking down the caffeine and oxygen. well, my question is: can you order from the link on the first post on this page and get delivery in the United States and is this a safe option? Or does this place deliver to the United States? http://www.shamanic-extracts.com/xcart/shamanic-ethnobotanicals/psychedelic-seeds/index2.html If not, can someone give me another option for the RC seeds? Thanks so much, Barbara (frustrated123)
  15. Hello Everyone, I am sorry, but I am being a bit ditsy, guess it's either all the meds or the sleepless nights from sucking down the caffeine and oxygen. well, my question is: can you order from the link on the first post on this page and get delivery in the United States and is this a safe option? If not, can someone give me another option fr the RC seeds? Thanks so much, Barbara (frustrated123)
  16. Dallas Denny, WOW, how can i ever thank you enough. This is exactly what i needed, i have been fumbling around for days and days, hour upon hour, trying to find ALL of the info that i needed and you have provided EVERYTHING right here for me. Thank you so very much. only a fellow cluster sufferer could possibly understand how much this means to me. i am sooooo tired of the sleepless nights, the constant depression, the crying, the begging GOD to please make it stop, the zero social life, popping so many pills i nearly choke on them, being afraid to commit to doing anything, the never taking vacations, etc, etc, etc. i could go on and on, but i know you are very familiar with all of this or hopefully the memories of this are fading for you and many others that have been busting or are beginning to bust. I just really want to thank you once again. I can now gather all of my info, get with my doctor, start my detox and start BUSTING!!!!!!!!! Best Wishes and Good Luck to all!!!! Barbara (frustrated123)
  17. hello stevil. i am so sorry you are suffering so much, but i can truly relate with you and am so glad you found this website. the people are so helpful. as far as drs. in the California area, if you go to:www.ouch-us.org/ and click on "Treatment and other information" and scroll down almost to the bottom, you will see "Sufferer Recommended Doctors" and when you bring that up it lists doctors in every state. I hope this helps you.
  18. Hello to all you wonderful clusterheads. i am having trouble finding links that explain exactly how to take the seeds or the shrooms. i want to have all of my info ready when i see my doc and i am not sure which way that i want to go. But i would like to know how each of them is taken. i have read and read and pulled up link after link, but cannot find anything that actually gives instructions on how to take either of them. can someone direct me to the proper links, please???
  19. Thanks to everyone for their help. I will gather the information and talk with my doctor. I have been having 2-3 a day so i am anxious to get some help. i will be back with more questions, i am sure. thanks again to everyone. this site has been a GOD send to me.
  20. hello all. i am a cluster sufferer and have been since 1999. i was episodic and have become chronic over the last two years. i have had episodes that have lasted up to 7 hours. i have taken all the pills, had needles in my head (occipital nerve blocks) taken prednisone in such high doses that i thought i was going crazy. i need some information on the use of the lsa seeds. i have found the page that shows the study that was compiled, titled "Response of Cluster Headache to Self-Administration of Seeds Containing LSA", but I cannot really find anything that explains in detail how i go about starting this treatment. i know that i have to detox first, but not sure of the things i need to detox from. i currently take topamax and methergine for the clusters, but do take other meds for other problems. Can someone please guide me in the right direction? I also do use oxygen and this does help if i catch it in time, but even if i catch it, i am still left with that horrible, lethargic feeling all day long. I really need something that will hopefully stop these things., i am feeling desperate. I want my life back. Thanks!!! Frustrated!!!!
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