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  1. 21 years old in 1986. Thought I had a toothache. Was diagnosed quickly but was prescribed nothing. There was no medicine and little knowledge. There is more knowledge and still no medicine to really make these things disappear. I am episodic, every 1 1/2 to 2 years for 8-12 weeks. Since busting, lasted 3 years. Would have been longer but got lazy and comfortable, forgetting to bust. Thank goodness for this website and the wonderful people who live here. What I dreaded in the past is now a completely manageable illness. There are a few rough patches, but a totally different life than years ago
  2. Still PF here. Birdman and I are on the same circadian planet. Hope all others are finding relief. Hugs!!
  3. I just read your post and am so happy for Jan and you! Tell him that I know things are going to continue to get better for him because he has an angel by his side.
  4. I just spent the morning reading this entire thread. Although I currently busted out of an eight week cycle with the help of seeds, M, 02, and the great people here, I am still so intrigued by new information. Les described our condition so clearly, like no doctor I have ever seen. His writing style is a gift and his insight is so inspirational. He is honest, especially when it comes to the cigarette connection. If nothing else, the pain is much less severe when smoking is avoided. I am taking the vitamin reg and will not be smoking anymore. I was casual and inconsistent with smoking anyway.
  5. Hi Michael Tell us more about yourself. You have reached the most supportive and resourceful place on Earth. Jackie
  6. Thank you for all of your support. This cycle is officially over. Short one in retrospect...8 week of hits. I promise to stick with a maintenance schedule this time. I got comfortable with my 3 year remission. I also promise to check in here more often to help those who have been here for me. My first charitable donation for 2013 is being made here... may a cure be in our sights! Happy New Year, Friends!
  7. I also think I am nearing the end since I am sleeping through the night with a little activity upon waking. Busted with M 11 days ago and have not had sleep hits. Sipped on some Coffee Patron on Christmas Eve with no headaches. Had a mild headache yesterday. Took 85 seeds last night. Slept well and feel pretty good this morning. Neck and shoulders are really sore. Perhaps a massage today? I have my fingers crossed. Happy 2013 to All! May this year bring miracles to our cause.
  8. Great news for you both! Things seem so much better than a few weeks ago. I also am improving but not out of the woods. I slept all night and woke pain free. I was so happy getting ready to open presents and then I was visited by the "buzz killer". It was mild and knocked down with O2 quickly, but a clear reminder that things are still not normal. Tell Jan that he has a friend in the States who has faith that the new year will bring many more pain free times. You are his rock. Merry Christmas! Jackie
  9. I'm praying and pulling for you!
  10. Do you mean Gabapentin, the prescribed medication?
  11. This is really great news! Since you are feeling some minor activity, you may want to bust one more time. I busted Thanksgiving and had 2 glorious pain free weeks. I was convinced I was done with only minor activity. Then out of nowhere, it returned with a vengeance. I don't want that to happen to you, even though you belong to the evil empire ;D Seriously, when my cycle ends, it is gone like it was never there. No shadows, nothing. Just an idea. If you feel confident, then go with your instincts. I am cheering for you!
  12. I also feel that this is the only sane place during cycle. Everything I have learned has been from here and our sister site. The medical field has been a waste of time. We are all learning as we go and eventually it will all be figured out...leaving the docs and insurance companies in the dust. I did come to Chicago a few years back, but only attended the conference for one day. I met a few people who were really nice, including Dr. Andrew and Bob. I really want to attend, but September is tough being that it is the beginning of the school year. I'm sure I can do Friday to Sunday if I plan ear
  13. I am so frustrated with my family and friends right now. I feel that, although they all want me to feel better, they are inconvenienced once again. Yes, my husband goes for my 02 refills and my mother calls every morning to ask how my night was, but no one is actually trying to do what I ask. Knowing for 20 years that sleep is the enemy for me, my husband still harps on me to go to bed earlier, brought me a $150 pillow home the other night so I can sleep even deeper, and told me to put on really comfortable pajamas. He them proceeds to rub my back and tells me to stop thinking about them
  14. Thank you so much! The Edison neuro is right around the corner. Will give him a try.
  15. She was both of those. She was so condescending, treating me like a child fibbing about a " tummy ache" so I could miss school. When she tested my knee reflexes and had me walk two feet while she watched and told me what a good job I was doing, I almost walked out. I needed the 02 so I played along. Don't go to St. Luke's if you live near NYC. There are better places. I need to find one in Jersey.
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