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  1. Hi Everyone! I'm still here...and still chronic. I am having a very rough patch and could use a pick me up. I was wondering how many have gone from chronic to episodic? How long did it take? What did you do to switch?
  2. Thank you! I know that there are malicious people out there and they have to screen but, I don't have a reason to lie about CCH
  3. I have been denied from Cluster Headaches three times. I tried again and this past time was sent questions regarding medication etc. I was interested in talking to others that had good experiences with 5meo but, I am not going to beg to be apart of a group.
  4. So I joined a group on a social site thinking it was the one mentioned previously. Boy was I was I wrong I can't even mention D3
  5. My initial instinct was SUNCT but, after re-reading, I am unsure if the headache is actually localized behind the eye. Was your CT with angio?
  6. There is a youtuber that also swears by it. I didn't have much success but my hair and nails grew like crazy!
  7. We have some very excellent and patient moderators! Thank you.
  8. I had a block on Thursday and there were minor complications...i.e. Half of my face was the size of a pumpkin. I asked about Botox when I was there but the doctor did not seem to think that it would do much. I know that monitoring is normal for Lithium so, I was prepared for that but, it just seems so outdated... then again none of the new drugs have worked either.
  9. Laura401


    I am thinking of enrolling in the ATI trial. I already did the initial interview. Has anyone signed up or gone through the process?
  10. so I am back digging around for more hope and found an article on Botox. Apparently it was like an SPG Block but used Botox instead of steroid/lidocaine. I think I saw only one person had Botox. I may have missed others but was it injections all along the forehead or...?
  11. It's 5am and I am up watching this Love a good educational documentary
  12. Thank you for providing a way for us all to be included. I was feeling quite sad for being to sick to be able to attend. Hopefully, next year I will be seeing a whole different tune!
  13. I hope I'm feeling better so I can make it this year!
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