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  1. Hi Cludster, Firstly, exercise can sometimes bring on a CH for me and definitely makes one worse if there's even a shadow. But I do have a tendency to hold my breath and to shallow breathe, asleep and awake, have tried CPAP with no joy, but am now looking into diaphramatic breathing after a consultant recommended it and explained that CPAP doesn't strengthen my breathing muscles. Idea behind this is obviously to improve my breathing, but also he says should increase my blood oxygen levels to see if it help the CH's, it's only been 3 weeks so far so no change in CH's as it could take mont
  2. Have to go with Spiny here, dancing with my dog.......well I dance and my dog just stares thinking WHAT!! .........also tried proper gardening this year and deviated from just mushrooms, very therapeutic ;D Blair
  3. Thanks for this Shocked, light at the end of the tunnel.... ;D
  4. Hi k-bo, Keep you're chin up, emotional stress sucks any time but especially to a clusterhead, so my heart goes out to ya, but try and see the positives. You've got a job and you're working it, takes a lot to do when you have clusters, so be proud of yourself and don't be slapping anyone..............give me a shout and I'll slap them for ya ;D BTW check out the Vitamin D therapy, takes the edge off for some and cheaper and more accessible than triptans. All the best Blair
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