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  1. PF wishes Moxie all the way from Texas!!!
  2. My hits have moved more during daytime now. 10:00, 1230, 7:00. Then one at night sometimes. Im taking 6th MM dose.This is one stubborn beast. Guess Im gonna have to ride it out. Im on my 3rd or 4th week.I usually have an 8 week cycle. Seeds should get here before the New Years though. Prepared my self with 3 tanks of Oxygen for the holidays. My very own Christmas gift to myself. Have a happy holidays guys. PF wishes to all and to all a GOOD NIGHT!!!
  3. That's good Fabac. Kick the beast while he's down. Yes Spiny us Texans love our Dr. Pepper. Some of us even like to empty out a bag of peanuts in our Dr. Pepper.(makes your DP salty and your peanuts sweet) I got zero headaches last night and yesterday was the easiest headache day I've had. I guess these busts really do work. I am due to bust again on Xmas eve but might move it to Xmas day since I will have friends over. It might even be a fun ride. I've been dark tripping lately when I bust alone.
  4. HOw are you doing Fabac? Im not PF yet but I have noticed my hits have moved time. Now I get them like 15 min after I wake up. Sometimes a mild one in my first hr of sleep. Still its better than 4 times at night. Im not as tired anymore. Im still getting hit about 3 times a day. Luckily I refilled my oxygen. Yesterday I ran out of it and it must have been a kip 9. You know the ones that leave your head sore for hrs. I try to look on the bright side and count how many I have aborted using the techniques I learned here. PF wishes for all of you!!!
  5. FusterCluckers!!! I'll add that to the many projects Im in!!! Who else plays?
  6. I got six hrs of uninterrupted sleep last night. I woke up super grateful and happy!!! I got hit like 35 minutes after I woke up but, it was easily aborted with oxygen. Pain Level was minimal(I can't complain). Last dose was 2 days ago. It took so much discipline on my part last night. I am a musician and was playing at a bar where they were me drinks all night which of course I had to deny. I know its not over but it might be the beginning of the end. At least I hope and pray. I will keep dosing and doing the D3 regiment. Thank you all so much.
  7. Yeah I went with tranceplants. They worked for me last year and I still got some aMMo left to finish.
  8. McFreeze!!!??? I have to go to the UK someday!!!
  9. Sorry about your hit Fabac. Yes all we can do is fight. Fight for your right to party!!!
  10. That stinks Potter.Getting my hopes up and everything. I still do love ants on a log. Cranberries instead of raisins.
  11. Hi guys I just wanted you all to recommend a place? Last time I got them from tranceplants. I live in Texas. Is there a particular place that delivers them quicker?
  12. Damn Spiny you got me all teary eyed. It feels good to talk to someone who knows the struggle. I would really like to meet all of you in person some day. If you all ever make the conference in Texas, I will be the first one in line!!!
  13. Thanks Spiny. Im just feeling down about the whole thing today. I did preventive dosing during the year. I also started busting at first sign of shadows and it still got me.I have two young daughters and feel like Im being a downer in the holidays. I think winter cycles are the most depressing. Im not gonna give up the fight. This is also the first time I get hit everytime I sleep. In 16 yrs as a sufferer I would usually get hit in the daytime. Maybe I would get like 3 hits in bed before. Weird huh?
  14. 4 hits last night. every two hrs. Its been five days since mylast bust. Im hitting it today.
  15. Oh my bad!!! Great minds think alike!!!lol
  16. So my wife had a great idea!!! Let's make a brain freeze challenge(like the ALS ice bucket challenge). You eat a frozen treat as fast as you can to induce brain freeze. Then we explain that that's only of a fraction of the pain a clusterhead feels. She says she can totally see Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter) on the morning shows speaking about it. Hahahaha What do you all think?!
  17. I heard on twitter that celery is supposed to help with headaches above the eye and near the temple. I am so buying some. Ants on a log!!!http://www.livestrong.com/article/440981-celery-juice-headaches/
  18. I will cut out the melatonin tonight. On a plus side I took a 40 minute nap this afternoon with no hit. First one in two weeks. I know Im not suppose to nap but I was exhausted from the night before.
  19. So after my third dose on Sunday I noticed some improvement, I really thought I was gonna beat this in record time. The pain levels lessened to about a 3 when I was around 7. Last night( 4 nights after busting) I got hit hard.(8-9). I keep getting hit EVERYTIME I sleep or even nap in this cycle since they started.Im so sleepy all the time. I'm due to dose again tomorrow. Still doing the D3 and melatonin. Do the effects of the bust to the headaches wear out? What is the typical amount of busting you gotta do? I am grateful for those 3 days of lessened pain don't get me wrong.
  20. ok Do I take the calcium or not? My magnesium comes with a calcium supplement. Thats the confusing part I was talking about.
  21. Great!!! I don't take verapamil. I started yesterday with 15,000 and loaded today with 50,000 along with 400 Magnesium and 400 calcium. Tommorrow I will go back to 15,000. I didn't do the juice though. Thank you CHfather!!!
  22. I will definitely bust again in 5 days. Ill take a bad trip over these clusters any day.
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