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  1. Yes I always check in PF time. Thanks again
  2. I have just seemed through go through the longest bout of my 16 yrs or so with CH. I lived 12 weeks with the beast. Tried busting 6 times with MM and 7 times with RC along with the d3 regime. I did preventive dosing pror to my cycle also for a yr and a half. I have accepted I am probably gonna deal with this my whole life. On the bright side if it wasn't for the medicine and oxygen,I don't know what I would have done. I felt like I had much more control of the situation. I can safely say I aborted more attacks than ever!!! For that I THANK YOU GUYS!!! In my PF time I am going to prepare even more more what awaits. The FEAR was worse than the pain this time around. The FEAR is what lingers even after the pain is gone. PF wishes to all of you and GOD bless you.
  3. You all are definitely there for me all the time. Its amazing really. Moxie your strength is invaluable to our community. Thank you
  4. This has been the longest I have had a cycle. Since Dec.7 I have had them. They aren't as strong and I can sleep so I can't complain. I'm scared Im going chronic. Im usually a 8-9 week guy. I ran out of doses and am currntly waiting for more RC.
  5. Wow MHMH!!!! Thats a great painting!!! I actually have a collection of skull paintings in my home. Weird coincidence.
  6. Yeah at least I'm not in a state of depression anymore. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, all it takes is patience now.
  7. Still getting shadows and the slapbacks feel like an electrical storm in my head. Feels like my head is rewiring itself. I am still making progress guys.
  8. how often do you do it for preventive measures? Has it worked? Im thinking of doing the same thing?
  9. I am thankful everyday and every hour. Thanks guys
  10. Ok so I was almost a week PF. (Just a few shadows) Well yesterday I busted with about 75-80 RC seeds. Today I have had like 3 persistent shadows.Is this normal? I wasn't getting anymore slapbacks from the MM. They aren't that bad, I'm just wondering if I should keep taking them or go back to the MM.
  11. Good looking out sir. I won't mix and I will watch my drinking as well. Thank you. I think I will go with the seeds this time around.
  12. I also got my seeds in yesterday!!! Next bust Im gonna apply a MM RC beatdown to the beast. Kick it while he is down!!!
  13. Okay so 3 straight days with just shadows mostly. I even sneaked in some drinks for the new years. Happy New Years guys!!! Starting to feel like myself again. Thanks for your wishes!!
  14. Took another dose of MM today. Still getting sleep and got hit twice with a k2-3 maximum. Still going to maintain bust routine though. Have one last dose of MM to do after this.
  15. No I wasn't taking the omega-3 or the other minerals. I will start doing it though for prevention.
  16. Thanx!!! I noticed I started sleeping more when I upped my dose of melatonin to 30mg. I also took a daily dose of 20,000 d3 and 800 magnesium, no calcium. In case that helps anyone. Do I keep this regiment forever or do I stop when Im totaly PF?
  17. Thanx I know Im not in the clear just yet but it might be the beginning of something good.
  18. Oh man!!! Words can't express what I feel right now!!! PF night and no morning hit. I feel like Bill Murray in Scrooged.(I'M ALIVE!!!) Last dose was XMas eve. I noticed the hits becoming real easy to abort. I did the D3 regimen and took 30 mg of melatonin. My cycle started Dec 7. I am usually an 8 week cycle guy!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FELLAS AND LADIES. I also quit drinking as soon as my first hit. (Lost 14 lbs) You guys are amazing. I love you all. I learned so much from all of you and because of that my life is much easier. 6 doses of MM,D3,Magnesium,Melatonin.
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