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  1. HI guys I got off my 9 week cycle in august. I still get shadows everyonce in a while but its nothing to complain about. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of when to bust to prevent the cycle this year. Thank you
  2. What is the shelf life of LSD?
  3. Sorry for the hard times you have been through buddy. In my experiences the two days after I take seeds I get slapbacks and shadows followed by 3-5 days of relief. Keep at it. The beast doesn't go away without a fight. I just took my fifth dose last night. This is my first cycle using seeds and I did notice a great difference. I get through them with red bull or 5 hr energy drinks. Keep fighting!!!
  4. In 14 yrs that I have suffered from this I never had that happen. In 14 yrs this is the first time I try seeds. THanx Jeebs.
  5. Even though Im still in cycle these seeds have helped me a great deal. I wouldn't have known without you alls help. Thank You.
  6. I am using o2. I got it through my welding supplies. It works but I don't use it for every attack. Thank you for sharing your experience Red Dog. That gives me hope. I know Im in the cusp of beating this.
  7. So I busted with seeds a fourth time last night with 80 5-7 days apart. Today I got hit. My eye drooped and watered and so did my nose but the pain level was at about a 2 if that. It still felt uncomfortable. Weird. That has never happened. Is that what they call a slapback. I feel it would have easily been a k10 without the seeds. Seeds effectiveness is lasting bout 3-4 days.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Im only taking one hit. Im naturally a super nervous person as you can tell.
  9. I busted with 80 seeds again yesterday and yesterday and today I got hit. I have LSD but am scared to bust with it. Should I wait the 5 days? HOw different is the trip from 1 gram of shrooms? I have literally tried everything except for this on this ch cycle.
  10. No prob Jeebs. So sorry to hear that Purps. Some day we will feel no pain.
  11. Hey Jeebs that beast sure is a sneaky pete! What a stubborn cycle. This is technically my 3rd bust. Im currently in busting mode as I write to you. What a weird little trip this is. Ill keep fighting and report my findings. Love the feedback guys.
  12. I decided to take a second dose of RC. My first dose was good. I had very little hits at kip2-3 lasting 10 min. Then 2 days PF. BUt last night seven days later form my first RC bust. I got hit with a kip10. It lasted an hr and a half. Did the RC wear off? Am I starting my cycle over? Whats going on?
  13. RC Seeds worked for me. Try those but make sure to detox while you wait for them to get there.
  14. I put it out here to see if it can work. I see how it can help. The monotone frequencies achieve that tone you yearn for when you moan in pain. Im sure we have all been there.
  15. No one around here knows bout clusters. Not even Doctors. They give me the "its just a headache look". "They say oh yeah migraines".
  16. So I finally got prescribed oxygen but when I look at my prescribtion it reads Oxygen Concentrarion!!! AHHHHH why is this so hard. Is it possible that Doctors around here have not heard of Clusters? Also Im getting hit everyday at 5 am. What will happen if I stay up till 6? Yes Im being serious. Unlike many I only get hit at night in the middle of my cycle.
  17. Thank you Mr. Diamondmaker. However Im sad to say the paperboy flaked on me . Still encouraging words. Thanks
  18. I just got offered to bust on blotter!! Its 220 ug. Is that too much? Should I cut it in half? HOw much does one need? I weigh in about 210. Suggestions please ive never done this and am a little scared. :-?
  19. I get them every summer solstice. Every 5 yrs I get them in the winter solstice. I live in south Texas where it is very stable. WHen is this ch conference in Austin!!WOuld love to go!!
  20. Thanks Ricardo, PUrple , and Spiny. I don't know why I took so long to join this group. It takes a clusterhead to understand another. Thanks again for your stories. Very similar to mine.
  21. Im with you on that one . I can't convo or TV. Some music does help though. Static and white noise does too. Im in week 3 of my 8 week cycle. Pain is at 7 or 8. I have to admit that these pains have been a meditation teacher of sorts. In a constant haze where nothing is real or nothing matters but the PAIN. IMAGINE IF that kind of concentration can be applied elsewhere.
  22. Yeah spiny I squirm and moan but my head feels like its somewhere else. The rest of my post was just free thought. Sorry for the confusion.
  23. Does anyone else go to a dream-like or meditative state when you get hit? Pyscho-active drugs work best. We need to TRIP for ur hypothalamus not to DRIP. Coincidence? -Sergical
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