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  1. The D3 regimen seems so complicated for me. Can anyone simplify this for me? I did a lot of reading about our vitamin d levels being low and am starting to become a believer of it. Hope is on the horizon. I
  2. Second dose of the day was strong. I fell into a dark trip actually feeling frustration. Got hit at 1:30 am and again at 7 am. The 7 am lasted about 15 minutes without oxygen. I did chug half a Monster drink. Ill take that as improvement. The kip levels were a bit lower also. I started on the D3 regimen and started taking melatonin again.
  3. Thanks Ricardo. Im just gonna go ahead and bust again. I got nothing to lose.
  4. Oh man the MM I did right now was a bit bunk. Should I get another strand and dose later today? I really don't wanna wait five days!!!
  5. I got the oxygen and already aborted an attack. My mind is much more at ease now. Overall its been a better day today. Also I've noticed the clusters haven't been able to develop a set pattern like most years. Is that a good sign or is it because its still early in the cycle? Last week was shadows and this week is my first week with real pain. My first dose was in the shadow stage.
  6. Yes energy drinks work for the first 3 weeks of the cycle then not so much. I am headed out right now to get welders oxygen. It was my first try using melatonin ever last night. I need to order seeds also. I had such a beautiful date night with my wife the day before this cycle got me. I am going to hang on to that memory as I fight. I get real teary eyed when I think what a perfect life I would live if it wasn't for this asshole on my back. I live on a very low income but I have a beautiful family. I consider myself a very lucky man still. God bless them and God bless you all.
  7. I have been a suffer for 16 yrs and my triggers and patterns have changed. I rarely used to get them while sleeping and now they attack me viciously when I do. I took 15 mg of melatonin last night and slept upright. This yr I caught them early and on my second dose. I had slapbacks all day, 2 failed cluster attempts(which I think is a good sign), but a horrible night. I have upped my dose already and been waiting five days in between. No meds. Also this cycle seems to be real sporadic when they usually work like a clock. Even with all my preparation this yr its seems its out to get me.
  8. So I got a date with the spirits today, however I am a very nervous person by nature. I have busted before but today I am upping my dose. Can I take a xanax to calm my nerves while busting?
  9. Thank you ThatHUrtsMyHead. Yes definitley under the threshhold. I will up my dose tomorrow because last dose I did was Thursday. You guys are awesome!!!
  10. I don't take any meds. What is a threshhold dose? Over? under :-? Thanks guys
  11. i have been dosing with 1/2 to 1 gram. Thats the answer I was looking for CHfather. I think the MM is still helping because they can't seem to develop a pattern. Im due for a dose tommorrow. Im gonna up the dose. I go through an 8 week cycle, but due to me medicating I don't actually know when they started. Do we count the shadow stage as part of the cycle?
  12. HI guys as I have been reporting over the past months, I have been preventive dosing for some time. I have managed to keep the beast at bay for a yr and a half(the longest stretch). I am EXTREMELY grateful for that. Since the fall solstice I have been getting shadows, but as the winter solstice approaches they have been getting much more frequent and I have upped my dosage to every two weeks. The past two nights I got hit with a K6(different times). I had a bit of a mental breakdown last night. The battle for my brain has commenced but the good news is I still have aMMunition. It seems I have entered my 8 week cycle. Any suggestions on a war strategy are welcome. Thanks
  13. You guys are awesome. Here is hoping the conference can come to Texas some day so ill be able to shake your hands in person.
  14. HI Ted Im from south Texas also!!!!
  15. Just wanted to report my mental health state. I have been cycle free for a year and 3 months, however right around the fall solstice I started getting shadows and have had to medicate with MM as soon as i see a pattern in the shadows. They go away.Everyday I think about you guys and am still very grateful for all your help. I am still very nervous of the winter solstice. Winter clusters are the most depressing.
  16. Right on Weatherman!!! I dose 1g every two mnths. sometimes every month if any solstice is nearing. Im happy to see your PF also. Your right I wouldn't be where I am without these guys!!!
  17. I have been using MM but yes when I was in my cycle I didn't have any and managed with RC seeds. I live in south Texas and have been stocking up on MM since last summer. I store them with my normal meds lol. Thanks guys
  18. HI guys, I just thought Id check in. I am currently PF and Im sure it is thanks to you guys. I have been dosing every two months and at first sign of the beast rearing his head in. I still feel some PTSD but am very thankful EVERYDAY that I'm PF. I also think bout you guys eveyday. Last ch hit was in August 2013.
  19. 5hr energy shots work the best for me. Even if it doesnt abort the hit. Ive noticed it makes the attacks shorter.
  20. Welcome BIrdman I joined last summer after 14 yrs of dealing with the beast. This board helped me SO MUCH emotionally and physically to cope with the storm we face. I am currently pain free. I still read this board very often. These board has changed and saved many lives.
  21. Great thread. I am PF since August using your advice. I think about you all everyday.
  22. Thank you for the input guys.
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