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  1. Sorry, but a quick visit to the white powder gold website just screams scam. Some text from the site: The “What is it?” literally translates into Hebrew as “manna”. Even a modern dictionary may define manna as “What is it?”. The manna was the “bread” taken by the high priest, the Melchizedek priest. Moses told the Hebrew people at one point, “You have not kept the covenant, and so the manna is being taken from you. But it will come back in the end times. When we will be a nation of high priests, not an elect high priesthood.” The manna, the white powder of gold, is the food, the light, one takes into their body. It is the Food of the Gods. A modern day Rabbi might tell you that no one has known how to make the manna, the white powder of Gold, since the destruction of the Temple of Solomon. The technique is, supposedly, a lost art or lost knowledge. But others argue that when the high priests left the Temple (when it was destroyed), the took the secret out into the desert and organized a commune called Qumrun. There, they became the Essenes. Eventually, the white powder was used to nourish a woman named Mary, and eventually, she gave birth to a man named Jesus. Some claim that it was the white powder of gold which allowed Jesus his many gifts, including his ascension into heaven. These gifts include: perfect telepathy, the ability to know good and evil when it’s present, and to project thoughts into another person’s mind. There is also the ability to levitate, or to walk on water. By excluding all external magnetic fields (including the Earth’s gravity), the white powder of gold takes one beyond the four dimensional space time continuum, and the individual becomes a fifth dimensional being. They can literally think where they would like to be, and go there. They can heal by the laying on of hands, and can cleanse and resurrect the dead within two or three days after they died. They have so much energy that they can literally embrace people and bring light and energy back into them.  And all this for just 50 bucks a bottle. Plus shipping and handling.
  2. From what I understand, the religion has to be real, with long-standing traditions and an established organization. You can't just make one up and claim First Amendment exemptions under the free exercise clause. Back in 2006 , the União do Vegetal won the right to use ayahuasca in their ceremonies, as did the Santo Daime a few years later. While those religions have only a few adherents and a short history in the US, they have long been established in South America. Both won the right only after extended court proceedings.
  3. My opinion: unless you experienced some seriously mindbending trips, the positive changes in personality are more likely due to the remission from clusters rather than an effect of the psychedelics. I am becoming convinced that depression is one of the symptoms of clusters, and not just because the cluster attacks really suck and will bum you out, but because depression is part of the cluster disease itself. No scientific evidence for this, just my impression from posts I have read and from my own experience. Make of it what you will.
  4. Schmidt & Clark, LLP Announces Launch Of Topamax Birth Defects Website Washington, DC (PRWEB) March 13, 2011 Schmidt & Clark, LLP, a nationally recognized products liability law firm, announced today that it has recently launched a new website regarding the recent U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) birth defect warnings on Topamax (Topiramate). On March 4, 2011, the FDA issued a warning about the risk of development of cleft lip and/or cleft palate (oral clefts), cranial malformations, genital malformations and other serious birth defects in babies born to women treated with the drug Topamax (topiramate) while pregnant. The rest at: http://www.prweb.com/releases/prweb5158684.htm
  5. Please excuse me. I want everyone to understand that, while I wrote the "How To" articles, I really only rearranged the knowledge developed over a dozen years by dozens of clusterheads. The material in the articles comes from the mushroom FAQ and the LSA FAQ and the other material from the old Clusterbusters website, much of which can be found below here in the Clusterbuster files as archived by FunGuy. It also stands on the shoulders of the files and documents on the Clusterbusters Yahoo Group website, and most importantly, on years and years of discussions and reports on DJ's CH.com website. So here is my thanks to all those who figured all this out, brought it to or made it available clusterheads everywhere. I'm sure I'm leaving a lot of folks out, but here's to: BobW (Psiloscribe), DJ, Flash, Pinksharkmark, shocked ben, alleyoop (bobb), Eyes Afire, islanddoug, Firebrix, jmin, Monique, Mast, Mitch, Lycaeum, Thoreau, gtar, biker, Dr. Sewell, Dr. Halpern, LeLimey, LeeS, GK, Steco, floridian, Notforhire,Vig, Ilsa, Joe L., Jokers, PL, Ueli, JD, Kaos, Scarmig, mycoguy, xebec, the folks from Erowid, CArl, Bob P, and no doubt dozens more I don't remember. -tommyD
  6. Greetings 'Busters. I could use your help. I am working on what I call the "how-to" project - an explanation of using our favorite tryptamines - psilocybin and LSA in particular - to treat cluster headaches. The how-to project is a set of articles designed to introduce clusterheads to the clusterbuster method and to provide them with the information needed to use the treatment successfully. The articles will end up in a web and/or print format. The project uses a three-tier structure. The first level is a single introductory article designed to help cluster heads decide if they buster method is something they want to pursue. This introduction includes links to the second tier - individual articles with more detailed information to help folks use the 'buster method. The plan is to keep them as simple, concise and clear as I can. These articles will in turn link to a third tier of more highly detailed information. The third tier will include more detailed and esoteric information that is needed to use the buster method but will be of interest to folks who want to dig deeper. It will include existing information from the old clusterbusters.com web site, along with new information we come up with and links to other sites, such as Erowid, relevant to our treatment and research. I have written the first tier introduction ("A Quick Rundown") and most of the second-tier articles. I have posted the articles here in the ClusterBuster Files section. They are in the threads called: - Quick Rundown - What is CH - Psilocybin - LSA - Other tryptamines - The Dosing Method - Med interactions - Shutting the Door - Coping - Dosing - The Experience - The Results You can help with this project in a couple of ways: Read over the articles written so far and make comments, criticism, corrections and suggestions. Submit your ideas in the threads or reply to me by personal message. Suggest new articles or topics, or even write them. There are a few topics to do yet, and maybe you have some new ideas. Suggest or write third-tier sources of detailed information, or develop new bodies of information and submit them to me. Don't be shy! You can't insult me! Well, you can, but I won't mind. Or at least I won't complain. Much. A few notes on the articles: What will eventually be links to third tier articles or other places on the web and will be in blue and/or will show up as "LINK." The formatting will vary from what you see as far as font style, text size and test style (bold, italic etc.). One of the articles will have tables, but I haven't figured out yet how to put them in a post. Thanks and Onward Busters! -tommyD
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    How can they even have a conference when the two smartest guys in the room are not in the room?
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    No, I'm not, Bobb. You couldn't make it either?
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    Bromine and bromine compounds used for disinfecting water are powerful corrosive chemicals but that doesn't mean adding a bromine atom to LSD makes it toxic. (Tho that also doesn't mean it isn't toxic. Do you have a cite?) I'm sure ALD 52 works great on clusters, but Shulgin (TIHKAL p. 493) says it's a potent hallucinogen. It may have been what was called Orange Sunshine back in the day. I have no problem with people enjoying their medicine, but some people don't want to hallucinate, some are afraid of hallucinating and some should not take hallucinogens. A non-hallucinogenic tryptamine is needed to give these people access a great treatment. I'm pretty sure ALD 52 is illegal under the analogue act, because of its psychedelic effects and because it easily hydrolyzes to LSD. Some folks don't want to use illegal substances. Clusterbusters is working on a treatment that can be proven, accepted, and legal (at least by prescription) so everyone can find relief. BOL 148 (Bromo LSD) is a good candidate.
  10. Some years ago I put up some info on energy drinks with Taurine. It's kind of old now, and some of the brands have probably disappeared and others may have changed their ingredients, but for what it's worth, you can find it on this ugly web page: http://sites.google.com/site/tommydfungus/taurinepage1
  11. Found this in the UK Financial Times: Charity pushes for LSD use in medicine By Andrew Jack in London Published: February 12 2010 19:27 | Last updated: February 12 2010 19:27 A British charity is stepping up efforts to rehabilitate LSD, one of the world’s best-known “recreational” drugs, for medicinal use. The Beckley Foundation, which numbers Professor Colin Blakemore, former head of the Medical Research Council, among its scientific advisers, is helping fund and lobby for a series of clinical trials to study the effects of lysergic acid diethylamide on the human brain. The foundation has helped co-ordinate a network of researchers and supported the recent launch of one Swiss and two US studies, as well as prepare for a clinical trial in Germany and hold discussions about research within Britain. The rest at: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/b396de10-180a-11df-91d2-00144feab49a.html?nclick_check=1
  12. While sansert (methysergide) has similarities to LSD, it has no bromine, according to my old Merck Index. Edited to add: I looked up Bromo LSD in the Merck, and damned if it isn't in there. It shows a reference to: Troxler, Hofmann, Hedv. Chim. Acta 40, 2160 (1957). So yeah, apparently Dr. Hofmann and a colleague wrote it up in 1957.
  13. Aaron Frood has an article in the Telegraph (UK) on the research into the medical and psychiatric use of psychedelics. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/alternativemedicine/6561763/Can-mind-altering-drugs-have-mental-health-benefits.html
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