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  1. Thanx for the answer Bee. I guess I'll look for the insurance first and keep the welding O2 as backup plan. Do you know how much can cost a welding O2 tank?
  2. Hi all! I've started thinking about travelling to the USA for a long period of time to study a degree but the first thing I need to check off my list is the possibility of having oxigen there. I'm from Spain and here I can get it from the public health care for free. What would be the best and cheapest option for me? I think I'll have to get an insurance that includes it. But what is it? How does it appear in the insurance policy? Then, the first thing upon arrival is talking to a doctor (neurologist) who can prescribe it and convince him. Is that right? Can I speak directly with the insurance company to explain that I need the oxygen and get it without doctor intervention? Thank you!
  3. Victor


    Oxigen is essential. I don't even know how I survived so long without it years ago. It's shameful that we have to wait so long to get it. I remember going to a doctor, a neurologist no less, and she told me that noone in Spain had oxygen at home to treat the CH. I was tempted to hit her. Anyway, good luck in your attempts Trace!!
  4. I'd like to join in the big thank you to Ub. All the luck in the world to you!!!!!
  5. LOL Yup, any beautiful girl or handsome man can become quite ugly with some face gymnastics.
  6. All the luck in the world to you!!
  7. Very nice story bg. Don't worry about kidnapping the thread, I got what I was looking for and your amazing story as a bonus!!
  8. I've seen that some people mix the mushi treatment with the D3 vitamin treatment and I'd like to know what you think about that. Personally, I stopped mixing medications and therapies some time ago because then I can't know what is helping me and what isn't. Is anyone trying the D3 without the mushies? What other therapies do you use or mix?
  9. Update: Some true scientist have appeared today doubting the so-called remedy for migraines. Apparently, the study is not very scientific or professional. Just forget about it. This thread can be deleted.
  10. Today, some spanish newspapers had articles about some discovery they made about migraines, DAO (DiAminoOxidase) and histamine. Sorry I'm not able to translate it but here you can find one of the articles in spanish: http://www.rtve.es/noticias/20130306/migrana-se-puede-prevenir-tratar-90-casos-enzima/613618.shtml It talks about regular migraines but since I couldn't find any other thread talking about this in the forums, I decided to put it here. Maybe they've discovered something that can be useful to us. Is there anyone with some expertise in the subject that can shed some more light over the matter?
  11. Well, I know it would be hard to find those upper and lower limits and, most likely, they're also very dependant on each individual. It's also very difficult to measure. Also CH-Hell, 15-20 dry grams is really high. Do you eat them with empty stomach? Don't you trip way too much? If you were to eat only 5g or 2g as most people do, it wouldn't help you with the CH? How did you test this? I'm a noob in my first busting attempt so I'm very curious about all this. Thanx in advance.
  12. THMH, I meant CH therapeutic effects. Ok. If the psilo is the thing that helps us with the CH and it also produces the trip, they are obviously linked but it would be nice to know the specifics, the upper-limit and lower-limit. Anyone can clear that out?
  13. I've red about the dosing method but I cannot find anything related to this doubt I have. The Psychedelic effect after eating 2g or your particular dose of shrooms can vary a lot depending on what and when you ate. If you eat a lot and then take the shrooms, the trip will be very low but what about the "therapeutic" effect? Thanx!
  14. It is interesting but I'd like to hear the testimony from CH sufferers, not the doctors. Anyone has tried this?
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