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  1. zanycheff

    Advice needed please.

    welcome back to cb firstly Kate you have been missed we spoke saturday i'll sort you this week zany
  2. zanycheff

    At what point are you wasting O2

    I've been using a large bag since Ben Khan first developed the clustermasx back in 2002/3 i also have my optimask set up in the clustermasx configuration, Bens original intent was the bag out the front using a mouthpiece so that the user then had both hands free to do injections etc , the photo shows how to configure it zany
  3. zanycheff

    Origins of LSA treatment for CH?

    Pink shark mark a buster legend
  4. zanycheff

    Please help me

    Hi Andrew As Ch father states busting or d3 may help but first a correct diagnosis is essential ,as you are in the Uk like myself can i ask a few questions that may help us help you 1.has a headache specialist /neurologist diagnosed you? 2.have you tried oxygen ? (its quite possible you now live in an area where the demand valve system is available on prescription ) 3.if no to the two above has your GP referred you to a headache specialist neurologist ? pm or answer here if you wish zany
  5. zanycheff


    a better mask albeit a bit more expensive is this one designed by a clusterhead for clusterheads http://www.clusterheadaches.com/ccp8/index.php?app=ecom&ns=prodshow&ref=clustero2kit Zany
  6. zanycheff

    anyone from isle of man on this site?

    I'm a bit further afield being south coast UK
  7. zanycheff

    Hi folks anyone remember me?

    Hi Rogier Actually I'm in remission just keeping up to speed with developments hope all is well zany
  8. zanycheff

    Hi folks anyone remember me?

    I'm Back after doing some wandering around the wilderness and tilting at a few painful windmills (ouch) don quixote style I think i need somewhere where the folks talk sense again !! zany Ian to them as knows me
  9. zanycheff

    hi folks im back

    pf for a long time new baby happened hope you are all well