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  1. I have not had this procedure but did have the trigiminal nerve cut down at the Mayo Clinic back in 1982. I was part of this study; https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12707445 There was 17 in the study. Lots of problems, they don't do it any longer. Stick with mm. I'm not sorry I had it done , it saved my life . Would not advise anyone have surgery . A true believer in busting.
  2. A simple two wheeler works well for a simple cart. Also Batt Mecke there are some great Docs at the Mayo Clinic to help .
  3. Just finished a great new read by Michael Pollan the author of "Omnivores Dilemma". It's titled "How to Change Your Mind". It goes into great depth of the use, history and revolution taking place of the use of psychedelics to treat many disorders. It goes into great depth in the research and testing done in the past and the great advances in research today. It also attempts to explain the how and why it works as well as it does for many disorders. For myself it helped explain the how and why it helps so many of us with the cluster headaches. Nothing is mentioned about clusters, but the in
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