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  1. Sorry to hear you have two family members with ch..I tried the gamacore saphire for 1 month until the numbers were up.. It never aborted an attack for me which they told me it should. I was told to use it as a preventive and use it 2x a day randomly so I did.. and nothing changed.. I was bummed out a little truthfully because it wasn't meds for once and it looked and sounded promising. just my experience.. doesn't mean it won't work for youre family.
  2. I keep my m60 on the floor of my work car and on the back seat of my truck with a pillow under my regulator it helps keep my tank stable..
  3. I tried topamax my last cycle in 2015. It did nothing to help.. it just made life worse because like batch said it leaves you dopey all day.. I've also tried lithium same feeling same result. Most of us hear have been on just about everything our doctors can Google up.. at least that's my experience with most. True cluster headache drs or headache clinics are better then average nueroligist who may only have 1 or 2 cluster patients.. does oxygen and cafeen work for you?
  4. The only thing I can say about the sofa is it will sometimes make me uncomfortable to the point it triggers one. It's so plush that it makes my back/ neck loose circulation. I also find if I lean on my elbows on the armrest it can cause it to aggravate my neck and once my neck gets aggravated I usually get attack. I avoid any thing the puts pressure on my obcebial nerve.
  5. #1 rule ignore people who are presistant to telling me "just have a glass of Wine" or "have a beer youll be fine!" Or my favorite "youre still not drinking?" #2 ignore people who say ive had those or my husband used to get those or my dog gets those! #3 Bring your 02 with you when ever you can! #4 fight beast with Monster #5 be kind to others even when your hurting its not thier fault #6 seek and destroy all glade plug-ins, candles, enfusers, car air freshners and what ever damn strong oder that triggers me. # 7 The emergency room is worse then my room with a cluster attack. Theyll just leave you there to suffer
  6. Thanks Dallas, and Big Mack Welding 02 as told by the owner of the welding supply co says its the same 02. He also fills medical 02. Also oils and contaminents are strictly avoided with 02. Once this year when my cycle started i had to take it off the torch head because i had no mask or anything while at work. It worked so much better then the "dr perscibed 15lmp reg" that was give to me..Real smart ch dr knows more then 15lpm is needed. i got my own welding 02 reg and the hose i use is a nose canula thing they gave me with my shitty 15lpm reg from the medical delivery company.. The nose hose i call it works good for me when i hold it in my mouth but i dnt recomend any other hoses because if u close down on a hose with your mouth its too much and can hurt your lungs. Thats just my 2 cents. And 02 wasnt hard to get covered, they just used some shitty formula that only allowed me a couple tanks a month. And i still was paying 14 a month copay. The worst is they couldnt bring me M tanks only E and D.. and they wernt reliable when they said they would come. They even told me i was going to have to pay them over 1000$ for the extra 02 they delivered. I payed them 3yrs of copay under my insurance without getting 02 because im episodic.. So i had them come get all of their tanks i had enough of thier crap. The welding tanks are fine for me.. 3 months now and no sickness whatsoever..Its less stress dealing with morons about everything from reg size to when and what size tanks.. America is a great country unfortunatly insurance companys and drs dont always have whats best for us in mind.
  7. Somewhat i use a welding 02 reg.. i can quickly adjust flow. Somtimes i find just taking 02 from the hose is better because the mask touches my nose near my eye an can really hurt during a ch. The mask works better when the pain is tolerable an im just getting rid of the spikes in my eye. Ill blow the cold 02 at my eye because its in my garage and the cold air feels soothing or its distracting me from how much it hurts. Im not one for sitting there breathing 02 for more then a couple min.. when i use the hose i breathe in and push the air out the ch side thats plugged until its clear and that works best for me.. somtimes i use the Wim Hof breathing to stop them.
  8. I just want to let people like me who have a hard time getting oxygen for ch threw drs that ive been using welding 02 with good results. Its quite easy to find small tanks on letgo app and also craigslist. My welding oxygen supplier told me that he can fill steel tanks under 120cuft without any papperwork. The 200cuft tanks require a bill of sale from the owner. All medical tanks u buy on letgo or craigs need a script for him to fill. For me its easy to get a script but not easy for insurance to cover the amount of tanks you will go through they limited me to only a few small tanks a month. My m60 only last about 4 to 5 ch. So i use it to travel and keep in my truck at work. Its 15$ to fill. Oxygen reg. Can be found on letgo too. This is just my 2 cents for someone having trouble getting 02 it could get you buy till you figure out a way for medical coveraged 02.
  9. I use imitrex inj. While on lithium. No side affects. Im taking 900 a day also and its not stopping my episodic cycle
  10. I watched the "Root Cause" on netflix a few weeks ago and it freaked me out because their were claims on our teeth and how it effects our health. Is cronic illness caused by toxcicity and deficiancy? I currently have a cavitity on the same side as my ch and ive also had my wisdom teeth pulled and i know iv also had a root canal. Im just too scared to go to the dentist in my cycle. Ive been looking heavy into this. Some people are claiming the show is bs but are there parts of this that are true? Can mouth infections or toxins from teeth damaging are brain? Does anyone else with ch have issues with teeth that can relate. Also i looked up this Dr. Gerald h Smith from the show and he clams that a cranial adjustment fix a girl with "headache that prevented her from drinking alcohol" what ever that means..
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