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  1. shadowcatsam

    Portable oxygen concentrator issued by VA

    That has been my experience exactly.
  2. shadowcatsam

    CH and Migraines

    I have both and a lot of both. Thankfully it IS mostly an either/or thing for me. When its both at the same time I loose it.
  3. shadowcatsam

    Patient Registry

    Link to ICHD lll 3.1 Criteria is invalid.
  4. shadowcatsam

    Oxygen usage

    O2 has been a life changer for me. It doesn't always head them off but any lessening of volume helps. My experience is that I have only a few minutes to to get to my O2 or it's to late.
  5. shadowcatsam

    CH without pain?

    I as well; isn't it wonderful to be EXTRA special? I'm a psychological outlier in a number of ways as well (dissociative super powers!).