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  1. that is exactly what I experience, I also found it easier and less painful to inhale using my mouth and not my nose. regarding "over doing" WHM I also though it can be harmful is I overdo it, I've asked around, and also shared with my doctor and with my personal experience after I had days of doing over 30 minutes of WHM in 1 session I would say the answer is no. I do that at least twice a day, morning and night and also using the cold shower technique, also without having an episode, it helps the immune system and and reduce inflammation. about for your last question, I don't know.. I hope not.
  2. oh dear, 5-6 times until PF that's a lot! but anything is worth being PF:) do you get on and off the D3 regimen ? I'm planning to keep it on 25,000iu a day after loading period (100,000 FOR WEEKS 1-3 , 50,000 for weeks4-6) as I have a friend with CCH who followed that and is pain free for 8 years now after being CCH for 24 years!! this is a quote from my friends msg regarding the D3 regimen: week 1 - not much change week 2 - the clusters are less painful (kip6-7 max) week 3 - you will feel like it's going to happen but you will get shadows instead (even for days) week 4 - -6 the pain stops completely I will keep trying to bust using the MM, i'm chronic so cannot expect when my next cycle is and it's very hard to bust after it starts.. I hope you get PF soon, waiting for your update.. Gilad
  3. same here Kate, started the regimen 4 weeks ago. currently on 50,000iu a day along with magnesium 600mg and vitamin k2 mk7, calcium, omega3 and vitamin C. yesterday was my second bust (1g in lemon tek - was a really strong trip) attempt and still no change, I'm having sever shadows nonstop day and night (kip2-5) for the last 3 weeks and even more frequent nocturnal episodes that popup every 1-2 hours from falling asleep (with or without melatonin). the improvement I see for the past weeks is that the pain has reduced to kip 6-7 MAX, most attack stay on kip 4-5 which makes the episodes manageable using Wim Hof breathing technique. however those shadows are killing me slowly, I have become a shadow of a man because of them. IDK what is the reason I experience it so bad this year, still looking for explanation and hoping everyday for a change to come along with the D3 regimen and MM. be well, stay strong. Gilad
  4. WHM is not just Hyperventilation and it must be followed exactly like he instructs in order to achieve the benefits of the method..
  5. not very true. actually the wim hof method do help with Vitamin D deficiency, it helps the autonomic nervous system and the Endocannabinoid system function. although I do both the D3 regimen and wim hof method with cold showers.. personally for me - there's no argument WHM does help a lot. I use it to abort attacks faster than when using oxygen. see here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4034215/ https://twinlabphytocab.com/feeling-cloudy-how-vitamin-d-with-cbd-can-affect-the-endocannabinoid-system/ and here: https://www.migrainekey.com/blog/what-causes-migraines-migraines-oxidative-stress-and-endocannabinoid-deficiency/ at least give it a fair try.
  6. Gilad102


    That's odd, Ginger actually is a trigger for me sometimes, because of the spicy taste and strong smell..
  7. I feel the same. it can be a trigger at times and when you work out hard the attacks are much more severe when they start. I felt at time that working out helps lessen the frequency but can say for sure it makes the CH episode much worse when it does happen..it also feels related to muscles tightness, especially around the neck. my conclusion is that working out can benefit with CH but with low-medium intensity..hope this helps. stay strong.
  8. interesting and true from my personal experience.. I was actually hoping LSD would be a good preventative treatment, for now all I achieved was a 24 relief and acute pain treatment (it stops a CH attack)
  9. Hello everyone, I have signed for this trial.. wondering if anyone else had? I wish they could use 2-bol-lsd.. I have been told it's currently not possible.. any thought/participants here? GIlad
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