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  1. I have actually purchased stock in MindMed. It is very much so a credible company as they are doing tremendous research on the benefits of both LSD and Psilocybin for drug addiction, depression, anxiety, cluster headaches and more. They have an ongoing trial for CH as we speak. Another interesting fact about MindMed is that they have developed an empathogen that acts as an "off-switch" for the hallucinations that may come with taking LSD or Psilocybin, which could help many of those people that are scared to take these due to that very fact. Regardless it is good to see that there is some si
  2. @Ouelmath how much Verapamil are you on and congrats on the PF days!!
  3. @razorPP I know this post was almost three years ago but wanted to check in and see if you happened to find further relief from the B1?
  4. Greetings Again CHer's I know I have been posting all over the place on different topics and you all have been a Godsend, so thank you. My wife was sent to get an EKG for other reason outside of CH. We got the results back and she was diagnosed with PFO. Here is the defintion: "Patent foramen ovale (PFO) is a hole between the left and right atria (upper chambers) of the heart. This hole exists in everyone before birth, but most often closes shortly after being born. PFO is what the hole is called when it fails to close naturally after a baby is born." We go and see the Cardiolog
  5. Batch @xxx Thank you so much for all of the information as it has helped tremendously. I wanted to see what you recommend as my wife keeps getting hit with CHs. We will have 3-5 days of none, and then they will come back at night, usually 2-4 per night. Right now she is taking 40,000 IU of D3 per day will all of the cofactors including some new ones you have added. She takes the vitamins before bedtime. Is there anything we could be doing wrong with this regimen? Please let me know. Thanks
  6. Batch Thank you For the feedback I have attached a copy of an additional test result is this the calcium test that you are referring to?
  7. Good Morning Batch I had a quick question in regards to the D3 regimen. My wife is episodic and we started the D3 regimen a little over a year ago. She is also on monthly emgality. She has had great success with the regimen and emgality combined. She has had a rough time kicking this latest cycle so we increased the vitamin D up to 50,000 IU daily for a little over a month now. She recently went to her doctor after having some dizzy spells. They drew her blood and her results came back with really high Vitamin D levels. (See attached image). Her doctor said to stop taking vitamin D immedi
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