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Have You Tried Flonase?

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After twenty cluster-free years, at the age of 66, I just started a new cluster cycle. I jumped back into the current research to see what was new. Not much! Progress is slow it seems with our mostly useless lawmakers. I had ended my last 2 cycles with HBWR seeds which after a mild "trip" (nothing like the good ol' days of LSD, peyote and mescaline LOL) and as I mentioned they had not had them come back until now. One of the few new things I noticed was a research paper on Fluticasone (OTC Flonase) done in the Navy. So twice now I have averted headaches by dosing myself in both nostrils and completely stopped the pain and was left without the lingering but tolerable pain that cluster sufferers will know.

Obviously it may or may not continue to work and it may not work for you, but Amazon has it for $15 and I aways think anecdotal treatments that cheap should be tried!

Hopefully, it will carry me over until my HBWR seeds arrive! 

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Thanks for the post @Duggo, and please keep us apprised on whether that Flonase continues to abort attacks for you in the interim. I can say that new ideas for abortives, especially cheep'n easy ones, are always of interest to me!

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My doctor told me not to take decongestants (because of rebound headaches) - but then prescribed Flonase (which everyone else has told me you can only take a few days at a time). However, keeping my sinuses clear and allergy relief has been a big part of trying to prevent my cluster migraines so I am back on the decongestants. The Flonase seems helpful, but I need it too often. Nature's Rite Congestion Relief Spray (available on Amazon) seems like a good natural alternative that I can supplement with. 

I'm curious if anyone else has had success with nasal sprays and/or Flonase.

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