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YouTube Channel all about Migraines


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Hi Everyone,

I recently set up YouTube & TikTok channels called "Another Headache" that are all about Headaches, Migraines and Cluster Headaches. 

Brief backstory:

I suffer from chronic daily headaches, chronic migraines and chronic cluster headaches. I've had migraines all my life as they run in our family, and have had daily headaches and clusters since Jan 2007. For the last 16-1/2 years, I've averaged 400 headaches, migraines and clusters a year. In 2011, I had 257 cluster attacks, which is when I found this forum and the power of psychedelics. 

I've not been on the forum very much recently because my clusters are largely under control, but my migraines and headaches are pretty bad. When I realised there isn't anyone producing weekly content on all three of these headache types, and as I have all three, I thought I might be the person for the job.

The goal of the channels is to help people learn about things they can do to reduce, prevent and manage their pain. The YouTube link above is to my latest video titled "How to Blackout Your House like a Vampire". Being light sensitive during a migraine is a common side effect, and in this video, I go over how I have my house set up to block out the sun, but also how I have interior lights configured to reduce their impact on my migraines. 

I plan on varying the content between the different headache types, and there will of course be overlap. I'm also uploading YouTube shorts, and I will be taking my longer videos (like the one above) and breaking them down into shorts and TikTok videos so I can get the word out to as many people as possible in as many forms as possible.

Please, I invite you to check out my channel on one or both of the platforms, Like, Subscribe, Follow... but most importantly, share with your friends and social networks. I really want to help people with these channels, so the more people that share, the more will see. 

You will also see me around the forums more often as this is turning into a major project in my life at the moment.

xx Mox

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I am pretty much in the same boat as you were and it's ramped up since I've reached 30 years old. I suffer from really bad cluster headaches. I'm very interested in trying microdose psychedelics as I'm not so concerned about long term effects as I am with some of these other medications prescribed to me like sumatriptan / Emgality. I'd love to talk to you if you ever have a chance.

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@Justin S , strategies for busting with psychedelics are discussed aplenty in our CH message boards such as https://clusterbusters.org/forums/forum/8-theory-implementation/, to which you are cordially invited. :D

Spoiler alert: Microdosing generally isn't considered effective enough (larger-than-micro-doses are typically recommended).

Not to detract at all from the value of a direct consult with @MoxieGirl for anyone who can land one! :lol:


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