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Headache on the Hill 2024

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What is it that the average person would be doing during this event? Does everyone speak comment or just listen? Is this an inside event or more of a gathering outside just to show support for the cause? I have often thought about going to this but do not want to waste 2 days just wandering around aimlessly and not really doing any good for the cause. Can you give some insight on what happens and how thing play out over the 2 days? 

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Most people who do HOH are people with headache disease that choose to use their voice to share their experiences have no background in lobbying when they first join. The goal is to have each state fully represented. In each team there are various headache types, and different background/stories to share which can help relate to each year's "asks". I have only done HOH virtually myself since 2020, but from my experience I can say that you would be on a team by state and district. Together you would plan ahead what each person's role would be in each meeting. They provide ample training and information ahead of time so you are fully prepared. Some flexibility is also needed as everyone has chronic pain and there may be a need for a last minute shift due to an attack and everyone is supportive.

There are "asks" made each year that need to be presented, as well as brief personal stories shared in each scheduled meeting. As far as how in-person works with how meetings are scheduled, I would need to find someone who's done in person and/or is working with AHDA to answer that if you need specific details before applying. I do know that those who attend in person say it's a great community experience.

They have a Q&A session I found which seems like a good place to start. Click to register for the Q&A Zoom here:

Headache on the Hill 2024 Q&A November 29th 1pm ET

Let me know if you need further information and I can try to connect you with someone. I will say that my time spent doing HOH has been entirely uplifting and educational over the years. If you are not physically up to the in-person event, please be aware that a separate virtual Headache on the Hill is planned for fall of 2024 to ensure the voices of those are unable to travel will also be heard. I hope that you are able to join.



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